Ygg Devotion

Ygg Devotion

Available for 30 points.

Sense Danger - Danger sense power only works in shadows where trees grow or where their remains still linger (such as a Petrified Forest in the desert…).

Sense Alignment - Can sense, by touch only, the reality of a being and its basic alignment (Order or Chaos).

Commune with Ygg - Can communicate mind to mind with Ygg across shadow. This requires physical contact with a tree. Ygg may extend assistance to a character in this way by bolstering the character's psyche or endurance.

Shadow Walk - Character will possess an item composed of a branch of Ygg (walking stick, knife handle, fetish, etc…you decide). The item is linked to the character and can be found in shadow if lost and allows the character to cross through shadow. Traversing through shadow this way is much slower than with Pattern, but is typically fairly safe.

Branches of Ygg- Hang up to 5 spells (must have sorcery). Branches can also reach into shadow (as with Logrus) and retrieve an object (user must concentrate and be in physical contact with a tree - the item must also be within reach of a tree out in another shadow).

Shift Balance - Character can utilize his or her affinity with Ygg to shift the balance in a shadow to one of the major powers (one becomes much stronger). The effect is temporary, but extremely potent.

Take Root - Character is completely immune to the major powers, but is immobile and cannot utilize other Ygg favors or sorcery.

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