Shadow Name: Xanadu

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 10 Amber Minutes

Current Leaders:


King Razi


Queen Malika

Oracles of Phocis:





Technology and the like: Tech functions in Xanadu, but they prefer to live a simple and environmentally friendly lifestyle. What tech is allowed to exist within the shadow is typically small, combined with magic, nonpolluting, and not intended for use as a weapon. While they have the knowledge required to make planes, cars, trains, tanks, and so on, they instead rely on elephants for transportation on the ground and gliders for transportation in the air. The Xanadu are the remaining descendants from an extremely highly technologically advanced culture that ultimately met its demise in the face of greed, cruelty, and pollution. The engineering knowledge that was possessed by their ancestors is held in tome known as the Songs of Warfare and it is guarded deep within the Temple of the Resplendent Quetzal.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Use with ease.
Magic: Use with ease.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Type of Government: Monarchy with theocratic tendencies.

Typical Denizen: They are notorious for their endurance which is equivalent to your average Amberite’s and their strength is on par with that of the Chaosians making them a formidable people indeed. Their skin tones vary from the typical shades associated with humans to bright and extravagant jewel tones. Those that are born with these unique skin tones are often talented mages and they are thought to be a gift to the people of Xanadu by their deity the Resplendent Quetzal. The weather is always warm and so it is common to see people walking about unclothed, although if it seems more practical they can be found in simple comfortable clothing made of natural fibers.

Typical of Culture: Xanadu is a heavily forested realm existing as a large land mass shot through with rivers. Clearings within the forest have been made where fortressed cities have been built. Few citizens live outside the cities due to the exotic and dangerous nocturnal wildlife that roams the forests once the moons are high. Homosexuality is the norm in this shadow, and children are only produced when the Oracles of Phocis call upon a male and a female to partake in the Rite of Progeny. Their average lifespan is approximately three thousand years which is probably how this particular aspect of their culture developed. The copper of Xanadu is highly valued for it has been determined to have a unique property that allows technology that is created with it to function in non-tech supporting shadows. The Xanadu are very in tune with their environment though and mining is a slow and careful process so as not to disturb the Earth Father - therefore there it is a rare and precious commodity. Their story of origin speaks of the Earth Father mating with the Resplendent Quetzal who then laid five copper eggs. The eggs hatched and the copper shells were absorbed into the Earth and it is from these fragments that they believe the veins of copper within their lands originated from. Three men and two women were born. While the Resplendent Quetzal was off seeking nourishment after having sat upon her nest of eggs for over a century, the men squabbled over which of them would be able to take the women as their mates. Eventually one of the men was killed before their mother returned. In anger the Earth Father belched up from the very depths of his rage the monsters that now roam the forests of Xanadu at night. Their mother was more understanding however, and simply forbid men and women from ever bedding one another unless they received her blessing first; thus the Rite of Progeny was born. The Resplendent Quetzal named one of the woman the Queen of Xanadu and the other she claimed as the Oracle of Phocis. Likewise she made one of the men the King and the other an Oracle as well. She stated that she would communicate her desires to the leaders of Xanadu through the Oracles of Phocis for all eternity so that her children would never be left without guidance again. Those of Xanadu who break her law and find themselves lusting after the opposite sex are banished to the forests. They are known as the Lost Ones and are shunned by those who remain loyal citizens of Xanadu. While they are small in number and their lives are dangerous, they seem happy with their lot in life. They harvest wild plants within the woods that are valued by artisans throughout shadow for their rare and brilliant inks as well as raise Hualapai voles that they have captured, harvesting their fine hairs to make paint brushes that only the wealthiest of artists could ever dream of affording. In their minds they are still loyal to the Resplendent Quetzal and believe they have simple achieved enlightenment.

Typical Weaponry: Swords, spears, bolos, bows and arrows, and sling shots are not uncommon. Invaders are usually handled by their powerful mages however.

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