Notes of interest:

Wuji power is the art of balance and restoring equilibrium.

It’s powers are intended to be used to bring about balance within the multiverse, and if an initiate uses their powers in a malicious or self-serving manner, they will gain bad stuff. If they do this often enough they will lose their Wuji powers altogether and become a Flux Devotee.

Wuji can only be obtained by walking the Wuji Circle located in Undershadow. Its power exists throughout all of shadow since Undershadow provides the underpinning of all shadows known and unknown.

People who are frequently exposed to Wuji Healing and Wuji Influence can become addicted to the initiate (watch out for stalkers in other words).

Elementary - 30 points

Amber level Psyche.

You will be able to:

Seek the Bodhi Tree - Wuji initiates can access Undershadow by traveling to Bodhi Trees located throughout the multiverse.

Walk the Balanced Path - Wuji initiates can travel from shadow to shadow via ley lines or by identifying paths that lead through “moments of perfect balance”. It is rather slow and is almost akin to traveling via the Royal Way. If a shadow is completely unbalanced and without any moments of perfect balance to shift through, the Wuji initiate will become blocked and have to turn around. When a Wuji initiate travels the Balanced Path, it becomes open to any who stumble upon the start of the path. Damage to shadows that the Path flows through can potentially create road blocks though that render the path defunct.

Cast the Net - You can look through the equivalent of a Wuji lens and sense areas of imbalance or strife within a shadow.

Wuji Empathy - You can sense people’s emotions. If the target is attempting to hide their emotions from you it will become a psyche vs. psyche battle.

Wuji Healing - You can reduce an individual’s perception of pain and/or speed someone’s healing by assisting their body back into balance. The impact you have depends on both your psyche and the cooperation of the individual.

Wuji Influence - You can adjust, augment, and introduce emotions (not thoughts) in an individual. If the individual is unwilling it will become a psyche vs. psyche battle. An example of this might be if a young soldier is going off to war and the initiate senses that the man is terrified. The initiate can use Wuji Influence to dampen the soldier’s fear and augment their courage.

Advanced - 60 points


Psyche of 10 or greater.
Time in game play at the Elementary level or a backstory justifying your character’s advanced skill sets.

You will be able to:

Perform all Elementary skills.

Balance Points - The Wuji version of hellriding, but much safer since you are only traveling from balance point to balance point. The initiate has over time become aware of certain universal truths that exist within all shadows that allow them to virtually shadow hop from one shadow to another. This is a very rapid way to move across shadow and is only second to teleporting and trump in speed of travel.

Wuji Conjuration - The initiate can conjure items as long as the items will result in increasing the probability of restoring equilibrium. Therefore an initiate could conjure a 100 vials of vaccine to heal people infected with a deadly virus with ease. The initiate could not however conjure 100 vials of toxin with which one could attack another shadow. The initiate could conjure a sword if they were actively being attacked in order to protect themselves, but not conjure one so that they could launch an attack.

Share the Load - Wuji users can tap into another’s stress or other negative emotions, i.e. grief, fear, etc. and process it through themselves, thereby decreasing the allostatic load of the target.

Split the Difference - The opposite of Share the Load, a Wuji user can allow their negative emotions to bleed out into others and thus recenter themselves.

Balance of Power - The Balance of Power within a shadow can be temporarily shifted in order to achieve equilibrium. Sometimes this may mean equilibrium on a greater scale than just within the shadow itself. For instance, an initiate might feel it is necessary to shift the balance of power within a shadow to the Logrus because an advanced Pattern user had gone rogue and was planning on destroying the shadow. The effect is temporary and only lasts as many hours as the initiate’s endurance. This cannot be done in more than one shadow at a time.

Sense Deception - You can sense when another is trying to hide something from you or lying. You will not however be able to tell exactly what they are hiding or lying about - only that they are attempting to be deceptive. Those with greater psyche than the initiate may still be able to deceive the Wuji user - especially if they are aware of the initiate's abilities to sense deception.

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