Wintergrasp a.k.a. Sunhome

Wintergrasp/Sunhome is actually one Shadow. The planet is slightly smaller than Earth, with three prominent northern continents and four prominent southern continents. All seven are roughly the size of Europe.

One day, a catastrophic earthquake shifted the axis of the planet (Dunmorogh - the gh is silent) and caused catastrophic tsunamis which killed 70% of the population of the planet, since most coastal areas and up to 200 miles inland on each continent were swamped by these killer waves.

Quillan, who maintains a home on one of the northern continents, was away babysitting children, or whatever, when this happened.

After the floods subsided and society came to a screeching halt, the real damage was apparent. The conveyors that move water around had stopped. Everything between the poles and 20 degrees latitude became a frozen hell, worse as you moved away from the equator.

From 20 to 10 degrees latitude, both sides, the planet is inhabitable but unpleasant. Think of Nome.

From 10 degrees to the equator is all of the best land. And 90% of the survivors, who have started to rebuild civilization.

From his frozen fortress in the north (Being a paranoid Amberite has its advantages) Q returned to find his Shadow devastated. Many of his friends were dead and he sought on and rescued some few who had holed up in malls and were burning everything and allowed them to move to his house.

Now he has three problems with this Shadow.

1. With the conveyors stopped, there are no warm currents north or south of the equator, hence the worldwide arctic weather.
2. The Equator has returned to a somewhat civilized status, but with everyone fighting over meager resources, the situation is grim.
3. With the water conveyors stopped, the salinity of the ocean has become dangerously high.

He has helped to build desalinization plants. The salt is used for insulation in the tweener areas and the water is put back into the ocean. It will take 50 years to even make an impact. The only hope is that some species will survive.

He could fix everything with the Pattern, but it would just revert when he left, and cause mass loss of life.

He likes a challenge. He is trying to find a way to start the conveyors again.

Of course, if he does, and everything thaws out, you still have five billion unburied bodies.

Wintergrasp is the frozen section.
Sunhome is the Equatorial civilization.
Everfrost is the area in between.

The world is not particularly religious, and had less factional fighting and warring then say, Shadow Earth. The people killing each other now are doing so for food, warmth or space.

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