Shadow Name: Windover

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Day = 1 Amber Hour

Current Leader: Empress Alaneo of the Southern Winds


Summit Members:


Ka’ohu of the East Winds


Lani of the North Winds

Hekili of the West Winds

Technology and the Like: Windover is the most technologically advanced of all the Golden Circle shadows. It is known for it’s great healers both those who use magic and those who rely on science. Between the doctors’ skills and the shadow’s nature as a fast time shadow, it has often been tapped by the Blood of Amber as a place to seek medical treatment after an injury. Gun powder does not work here.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Use with ease.
Pattern: Varies from normal to almost impossible to use depending on the winds.
Logrus: Normal use.
Magic: Use with ease.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Type of Government: Imperial. There are four different Houses. Each one representing one of the Winds, North, South, East, and West. Each house takes a turn leading the Empire for a period of 500 years. The other Houses then each send a representative to sit in Summit during that time to provide oversight and counsel as needed to the ruling Emperor or Empress. Use of the military is not allowed unless both the ruling Emperor/Empress and the Summit all concur with the action. This can make for some very slow reaction times tactically.

Typical Denizen: They are a highly magical race of short fairy winged humaniods. The males might be a little over 5 feet tall (5'2" or so), the females rarely are over 5 feet tall. What they don't have in physical strength (barely human in strength) they make up with mental and magical strength. The Windoverans are a long lived but low fertility race. In their average 1000 years lives, they might typically only conceive two children at the most. They are often tattooed in various ways denoting which Wind they descend from, their ranking, and their particular gift or skill.
Typical Culture: Windover is a sophisticated trading nation, run by a parliamentary system headed by a prime minister, with a token monarchy that lacks any true political power. It is one of the oldest members of the Golden Circle alliance and attempts to maintain neutrality at all costs. Windover is a collection of almost paradise like floating islands ranging from ones that hold a small pleasure resort to the largest being nearly 500 miles wide and 750 miles long. The sky that waxes and wanes from rose to indigo as the day goes on. Golden clouds float through the atmosphere and the Pattern tends to fail or be extremely difficult to use whenever they are nearby. White clouds are Harvester Clouds and these are where the world’s food is grown using technology similar to hydroponics. The Harvester Clouds and other menial tasks are tended to by a slave race the Windoverans rescued from a dying shadow thousands of years ago known as the Narwi. They are well treated and considered State property rather than any one individuals personal property. Any Windoveran who mates with a Narwi is banished from Windover along with the offending Narwi. Narwi are humanoid in appearance and taller than the average Windoveran. They lack wings and therefore lack the freedom of mobility that Windoveran’s have.
There are only eight known ways to access the shadow by shifting and two ley lines leading into it, making it fairly easy to defend if necessary. Each access path is located on its own floating island called a port. People are transported back and forth via Sky Ships which resemble great masted sailing boats.

Typical Weaponry: Windover is much higher tech than most other Golden Circle shadows and they rely on lasers and plasma based weapons for the most part. They are a peaceable nation however and will only defend themselves rather than retaliate. They have not offered any help regarding Amber’s current crisis.

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