Shadow Name: Valta

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 30 Amber Minutes

Current Leader: High Chieftain Dreagn The Queen passed away not long after Aditi returned and Dreagn blames much of her demise on Somerled’s shameful divorce of their daughter. It is rumored he has scouts looking for a bride within the Silver Circle.


Princess Aditi of Valta, former Queen of Dandara

Technology and the like: Early industrial. Gun powder functions. Their most advanced technology is centered around the mining industry, but even that is fairly primitive and deaths within the mines are considered commonplace.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Sporadic.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Normal use.
Magic: Very difficult to use.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Type of Government: Communistic Monarchy.

Typical Denizen: Valtans tend to be slim, tall, and usually have dark hair and olive toned skin. Their dress is quite varied as those who favor the traditional nomadic styles can be found in flowing robes while others have adopted clothing styles more similar to what might be found in Ambertown.

Typical of Culture: Valta is a triangular shaped shadow that is bordered by Ghenesh on one side, Innisfree on the other, and the sea on the third. Other than the lands near the sea, the entire shadow is rather barren and consists of a ruddy clay like soil that is not good for growing anything due to its almost toxic iron content. The pastoral lands near the sea were settled by farmers who traded with the nomadic people that populated the rest of the shadow. The nomads were a loose knit tribal society whose claim to fame resided upon the fine horses they bred that had incredible endurance and speed. The horses were able to tolerate environmental conditions that many a lesser steed would succumb to. The nomads traded these horses with the farmers for food and other goods and in turn, the farmers traded the horses with Innisfree and other shadows to meet their own needs. The balance of the shadow was upset however when the MoonRiders invaded seeking to seize the Valtan horses for themselves. The nomads fought passionately and were united under the leadership of the High Chieftain Dreagn. Once the threat of the MoonRiders was quashed, Dreagn refused to give up leadership of his peoples. Instead he sought to unite all of Valta and to ensure they would not be vulnerable to such threats again. He confiscated the farming lands by the sea stating that they were too valuable to be considered the private property of individuals and claimed them for the State as a whole. When the farmers complained, Dreagn replaced them with his own men that he trusted. This angered many of the farmers who, now disenfranchised, joined with the fishermen that also inhabited that area of Valta. The seas were soon over fished and many of the former farmers and fishermen turned to piracy which Dreagn has turned a blind eye to. The crops of Valta suffered for several years under the unskilled hands of the nomads. Dreagn was too proud to admit his error and refused to seek help from the former farmers. Instead, he reached out to Dandara, and offered the hand of his daughter and six of his finest stallions to King Somerled in exchange for assistance with establishing a thriving agricultural region within Valta’s former farmlands. This was agreed to, but when Aditi failed to produce a male heir to the throne, Somerled divourced her and sent her back to Valta. Insult was added to injury when Somerled took the daughter of the King of Innisfree as his new bride and Valta has since ceased trading with either Dandara or Innisfree. Valtan pirates plague Innisfree’s waters unchecked now and the political atmosphere is somewhat tense to say the least. They have numerous iron mines scattered throughout the lands. Everything is run and owned by the State other than the horses. Food, materials, and monies are then divvied up amongst the people to meet their needs. Dreagn is completely intolerant of any kind of abuse of power and is quick to execute anyone accused of taking advantage of his position. Horses remain the property of the family and it is actually through the bloodlines of their equines that many of the Valtans identify themselves. State run forges have been set up as well, and while the quality of weapons made are good, the creation of sabers and other weapons is done in more of an assembly line style than with an appreciation for the art of sword craft and the like. The iron is unique in that once it is forged it is nigh unbreakable however, so there is much demand for it off shadow.

Typical Weaponry: Traditional medieval weapons, many weapons created specifically to be carried by a mounted warrior, as well as cannons, muskets, rifles, and pistols.

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