Notes of interest:

All trump artists should detail their specific style and preferred medium. An artist who can work in the medium of their choice will have the advantage of being able to create trumps more quickly than if they were working with unfamiliar or less favorable materials. For the purposes of this game, anyone with Advanced Trump Artistry can pretty much make a trump out of just about anything, i.e. sculptures, carvings, chewing gum, etc.

Trump Application Skills are available to any character as long as they have at least Amber ranked psych.

Trump Call Waiting - 5 points
Character can juggle two trump calls simultaneously. Can merge calls together and establish a trump bridge as well.

Trump Divination - 5 points
Character is skilled at using trumps for fortune telling, but like with any divination technique there lies a potential for error or misinterpretation.

Blind Trump - 5 points
Character can accept calls but block the caller from seeing the character or their surroundings. The caller will only hear the character's voice and the picture on the trump will remain unchanged from the original trump artist's rendering.

Trump Caller ID Basic - 5 points
Character can flip through their trumps and be able to sense who is attempting to contact them. If they do not have a trump of the person they will not be able to determine who is calling them.

Trump Caller ID Advanced - 10 points
Character will be able to tell who is contacting them without actually looking through their trumps as long as they have either had a prior trump encounter with the individual or they know the individual well. If they have not encountered the individual before, they will at the very minimum get a sense for whether the contact is adversarial in nature.

Trump Voice Mail - 5 points
When a character is unable to take a trump call for whatever reason, as long as the shadow they are in supports trump magic, they will be able to receive, store, and access a verbal message from the caller at a later time. They will be unable to block hostile callers from leaving messages, however, trump based attacks and compellings cannot be delivered via these means. Tracking and targeting someone using a message that has been left may be possible for certain advanced trump artists (i.e. those who are as accomplished as say Brand or Fiona) if they have specialized in such tactics. Messages must be accessed prior to the character "deleting" them from their psyche, but once a character erases the message, there is no means for it to be recovered or used for tracking purposes. For those with advanced sorcery or trump based sorcery, spell work can be affixed to a message that is left, but it can only be cast if the receiving character chooses to cooperatively activate the lynchpin (whatever that might be). The receiving character does not have to have sorcery to do this, they merely have to possess an Amber level psyche. The strength and quality of the spell will be based on the receiver's psyche, not the individual that left the spell in the message. Much like spells, trump messages degrade over time. The strength of the message itself is dependent upon the psyche of both characters involved. Determining how many days the message will remain available is calculated by adding both psyches together (Amber psyche is factored as zero) and dividing by two. Messages that are not accessed within the allotted amount of time automatically delete without causing any harm to the character. Messages may be listened to and retained for the same amount of days they would be available if they were never accessed at all. Very advanced trump artists with psyches higher than the receiver may be able to detect that they have messages tagged to their psyche, but they will not be able to determine the message's content or who sent it unless the receiver agrees to it or succumbs to a psyche attack. Accessing messages puts the character at a distraction factor and risk equivalent to what they would be if they were in the midst of attempting to make a trump contact with the amount of time corresponding to the length of the message. Characters can cease listening to a message at any time, just like they might choose to end a trump call.

Psyche Max Messages Days Available
Amber 1 1
1 - 25 2 2
26-50 3 3
51-75 4 4
76-100 5 5
101-150 10 10
Over 150 Limitless 30

Trump Artistry - 40 points


Amber level or greater psych.

Powers as per ADRPG.

Advanced Trump Artistry - 60 points


Psych of 20 or greater.

Powers as per ADRPG as well as:

Trump Mimicry - The ability to copy the style of another Trump Artist. Forgeries are obvious to the real artist, Trump Artists with more points invested in the Power, and others with significant Psyche advantages over the counterfeiter.

Quick and Instant Activation, Quick Transportation - your trumps will activate instantaneously upon viewing for both communication or transportation.

Fake Trump - Ability to create a 'dead' trump. Trump will cool when touched, and the image will waver slightlywhen concentrated upon, but will never yeild a contact to the image depicted because it does not contain a psychic link to the subject. Individuals with really high Psyches may recognize these for what they are.

Fast Draw - Reduces the time needed to draw a trump to 1/10 the normal time.

2nd-Hand Psychic Impression - Someone else has had contact with the subject, but you haven't, and they let you see the image of the person in their mind. Doubles the time needed to create the trump and for it to work the person showing you the image must have at least Amber level psych.

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