Shadow Name: Syracuse

Time Flow: 1 Shadow Hour = to 1.5 Amber Hours

Current Leader: King Bedwyr


Technology and the like: Typically medieval, but inventions such as the printing press, sewing machine, and cotton gin are beginning to change the way people think about technology - especially those who are not skilled in magic. Gun powder does not function here.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Use with ease.
Logrus: Difficult to use.
Magic: Use with ease.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Silver Circle

Type of Government: Feudal Monarchy. King Bedwyr rules the country, and upholds law and order through the knights that swear him loyalty. A complex feudal system of dukes, earls, and barons divides the country into small patches of land owned and used by farmers that answers to their local knight.

Typical Denizens: Syracusians resemble the denizens of Amber both in appearance and dress. Those citizens that are hedge wizards are often recognized by wearing items of clothing that are scarlet in color.

Type of Culture: A proud and sophisticated people that Random was in the middle of negotions with for allowing them entry into the Golden Circle prior to the Curse of Amber. Contact with Amber had been non-existant for thousands of years after Oberon took the King's daughter's virginity on a lark. The Princess committed suicide and hard feelings existed between the two realms for centuries. The former King died of natural causes over fifty years ago. His son Bedwyr became King and opened negotiations with King Random I of Amber hoping to secure Golden Circle status after he had a dream in which he saw his sister Elspeth with the Unicorn pleading with her brother to extend a hand of friendship to Amber.

The virtues of chivalry and knighthood are adhered to strictly. The nobility fights fair, court their ladies according to the rules of courtly love, and proper etiquette is maintained at all times. Quests are the way to glory and tournaments are held where no blood is shed. In general the nobles all get along with each other, mostly due to the even handed ruling the King and his son have provided for thousands of years. The distance between the people and the nobility is large though, and the freemen and peasants could care less about the silly games the nobles play. Most are more interested in surviving, and a lucky few are blessed enough that they can even worry about such luxuries as making a profit.

The nobility pressures freemen for taxes and this is often a bone of contention between the classes. Bedwyr is hoping that in becoming a Golden Circle realm that his people will have more opportunities for commerce thus easing some of the tension between the nobles and the lower class. He is a progressive thinker and it is his opinion that the feudal monarchy system may not be the best fit for Syracuse any longer. He does not voice this opinion often though and he works hard to maintain the careful balance that currently exists between the classes as he tries to ease Syracuse into what he envisions their future should be slowly and quietly behind the scenes.

The country consists of large flowing fields, and rich forests, frequently used by the nobility for hunting.
They currently export timber, armor and leathers, and the nobles are known to create quite a market for imported furs, spices, and rare gems.

Typical Weaponry: Medieval in nature - swords, pikes, lances, spears, bows and arrows, and so on. They have yet to find any material that will function like gun powder, so guns and cannons are not used.

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