Basic Power Sorcery Specifics

  • Pattern - Spells infused with the Pattern become firmer and harder to dispel or counter. Pattern magics can incorporate the powers of Pattern known to the sorceror. For example, a person could cast spells which manipulate probabilities. Pattern Defense decreases in effectiveness against them.
  • Logrus - Logrus-infused spells grow more powerful, but also become erratic, having unexpected effects. Logrus magics can incorporate the powers of the Logrus known by the sorceror. Logrus Defense decreases in effectiveness against them.
  • Trump - Can use trumps of people to bolster their psyche attack during mental combat or to break through a person's defenses. They can use detection magics to learn things about a person or place using that person or place's trump without them being present. They can also rack spells in trumps which will trigger when the trump is used. Trump Defense decreases in effectiveness against them.
  • Broken Pattern - The spells are backed up by the Broken Pattern, which helps them to resist being dispelled. They can incorporate Broken Pattern Powers. However, they suffer from the flaw in the Broken Pattern, which means they always have some sort of flaw. Broken Pattern makes for especially effective counterspells.
  • Shapeshifting - Powers of Shapeshifting can be worked into the spell, which can alter the form of even Amberites if you can over power their psyche. One can also use it to rapidly trigger one's own shapeshifting abilities by racking spells to induce specific shifts in oneself. With advanced shapeshifting, you can create Creatures of Blood who can rack and use spells

Basic - 15 points


Amber level or greater psyche.

You will be able to:

Spells must either be instantaneous (such spells can have permanent effects, like turning people to stone), suspended until a trigger condition is met (wards), operate continuously in the same location until they gradually degrade, or they require that the sorceror maintain the effect by concentration in order to direct it.

Advanced - 35 points


Psyche of 10 or greater.
A backstory that establishes a history of training in advanced sorcery.

You will be able to:

All Basic Level Sorcery skills.

Create self-directing spells which can be given simple instructions and left to work on their own without requiring concentration. All upgrades listed in the above Sorcery Upgrades list.

Detect and use spells racked by other people. Your character must be in Psychic contact with the container or the individual in order to access the spells therein. It will take a few minutes of study for your PC to determine what a spell does and how to activate it unless you want to trigger it blind…and then who knows what might happen? If the subject resists, the Sorcerer must have the Psychic advantage to cast the spell.

You can rack a spell in another person's mind for that other person to use. Try not to rack a spell that is too powerful for them or they might end up having some adverse effects from trying to store and cast it (if that sort of thing matters to your PC).

Number of Spells Known
Sorcery and Other Non-Hedge Magics - Spells known = Psyche divided by 4. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells.)

Number of Spells Hung

Psyche Number of Spells Hung
Human 3
Chaos 4
Amber 5
1 to 19 6
20 to 39 8
40 to 59 10
60 to 79 12
80 to 99 14
100 to 119 17
120 to 149 20
150 to 199 24
200 to 299 30
300 and up 40
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