Sign Of The Moonriders

Sign of the MoonRiders

Available for 30 points.

Character must be a native of Ghenesh and have a backstory to support this.

Moon Shadows - Can travel through shadows, but only under moonlight. Hellriding is not an option.

Night Sight - Can see in extremely low light conditions as if it were day. Unfortunately, the character is also susceptible to flash blindness.

Moon Glow - The character can see the true nature/alignment and power of an object or person. This power works only at night.

The Binding - The character posses supernatural animal empathy. This power will allow telepathic communication/control of up to 3 animals at one time. Animals regularly subjected to this power will bond to the user.

Box of Moonlight - The character posses an artifact of forged moonlight. It allows up to 10 spells to be racked if the user posses sorcery. Further, in a shadow that is strong in magic, it allows the character to utilize other MoonRider powers as if in full moonlight (night) for as long as their endurance can sustain it.

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