Shadow Creation

Below is the template that can be used to create and submit shadows. Copy paste it into a pm for me and I will make sure it gets up on the board. Have fun!

Shadow Name:

Time Flow (Relative to Amber):

One Shadow Hour = ____ Amber ( Seconds / Minutes / Hours / Days / Years )

Current Leader:

Technology and the like:
Describe the tech level in the shadow - examples might be: none, primitive, medieval, tech is powered by magic, both magic and tech coexist independently of one another, high tech, engine power exists, electricity exists, gunpowder functions, etc.

Function of Various Powers:
Answer as either, use with ease, average use, difficult to use, or totally blocked. If there is something quirky about a power within the shadow feel free to add it here as well.


Proximity to Amber or the Courts:

Type of Government:

Typical Denizens:

Type of Culture:

Typical Weaponry:

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