Ritual Magic

Ritual Magics

These include rituals associated with voodoo, witchcraft, and shamanism. In general it is more powerful than Hedge Magic. Becoming an initiate in Ritual Magic costs 15 points.

Notes of Interest:

These magics only function in shadows with magic regardless of whether the user has Pattern. Logrus tendrils can be used to draw magic from a nearby shadow to power ritual magics, but the results will be weaker than if they were used in a magical shadow and of course the tendril is always at risk for being cut.

Rituals cannot be “hung” or “stored” in anyway and thus they take time to perform. Some rituals are fairly simple and only take but a minute or two, and others are far more complex and can take a number of hours.

The number of Rituals known is = Psyche divided by 4. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells.)

Factors such as the victim’s psyche versus the caster’s psyche can come into play as to whether the ritual is effective or not.

The length of time an effect lasts is often determined based on the initiate's endurance.

Ritual magics if combined with an individual’s name can be very powerful, and the victim may need to walk the Pattern in order to dispell them.

All spells cast with this type of magic can be done so using a “conditional duration clause”. In other words, you can set the spell up to last "Until the sun shines upon you" or "Until a Three-Legged Donkey bearing a sack of hay mixed with gold passes through the window of your daughter's house."

Common Rituals

*Animal Speech - This ritual allows an initiate to communicate with a specific type of animal. Even though this ritual is called animal "speech" the initiate does not actually speak with the animal. The communication is more in the form of sharing knowledge. The animal will only be able to converse with the initiate regarding things that have happened to it, and will, basically, act in all ways like the animal it is. If it is within the animal's capabilities, and it has a good reaction or better, it might be willing to do a favor for the initiate, but, unless trained, animals tend to be flighty and undependable. This ritual will not summon an animal to the caster, but will permit the caster to speak with all animals of the desired effect in the ritual's area. This ritual will also not ensure a good reaction from the animal, but unless terrified, the animal is likely to stop and listen to the initiate at the least.

*Animate Corpse - Summons a minor spirit to animate a dead body. For the duration the corpse obeys a simple instruction given during the ritual - typically something like 'walk that way' or 'kill anyone entering the tomb'. Fresh corpses retain the physical stats they had just at death, longer dead corpse are less capable.

*Aversion - Through this ritual the target will do everything possible to avoid contacting a specified person, place, or object. As much as possible, the target will even avoid thinking about the object of his aversion. Whatever actions the target takes to avoid the designated object will be in accord with his normal personality.

*Awakening - This ritual will bring the caster to the awareness of a spirit. This ritual might be required to awaken a sleeping spirit, contact a spirit in a prison, or attract a ghost who doesn't realize what the initiate is. This grants no control over the spirit.

*Bind the Winds - Controls the winds in a half mile radius. They may blow from any direction at up to gale force, form columns of rising or falling air of similar speeds, or go still (which will calm rough seas as well). The effect can even still convection currents, which will put out fires quickly and limit gas flows to diffusion (millimeters per hour! the 'diffusion' demonstration involving opening scented bottles at the front of the classroom is a fake, the transfer mechanism there is bulk flow). With a little planning this effect can seriously threaten ships or aircraft.

*Black Fast – Used to recover stolen property. The initiate fasts and concentrates on the return of his property. For every one day of fasting the initiate undergoes, the thief suffers from two days of starvation no matter how much he eats. This continues until either the initiate breaks the fast or the item is returned.

*Call Animals - The victim or target area attracts all animals of a particular type within a half mile radius. This ritual may be used to bring down a plague of locusts on a field, drive a herd of cattle over a cliff for food, or simply remove all the rats from a building or town.

*Cloak - This ritual makes the subject "uninteresting" and easy to overlook to living beings.

*Conception – Basic fertility rite ritual.

*Cornucopia – Plants within the target area grow as if conditions were better than what they actually are. Lasts through one growing season/harvest.

*Curiosity - This ritual draws attention to the object or person that is the subject of the ritual, causing any onlookers to want to investigate or examine the subject.

*Curse – Torments the victim. Depending on the victim’s psyche this can last from one hour to one week. The victim will have sub par performance for an equal amount of time afterward due to stress and fatigue induced by the curse. The curse cannot be fatal and its form must be specified, i.e. they vomit strange objects, suffer from seizures, pins emerge from their body.

*Decay – Ritual can cause the demise of the Undead, but it will not be instantaneous. Depending on the creature it is cast on, it will fail within minutes to hours. During that entire time it will be weakening; however, and therefore easier to attack.

*Diplomacy – Prevents living entities or spirits from harming the caster while engaged in conversation with them. The caster may not undertake any hostile acts (verbal or otherwise) during the conversation or the spell will be broken.

*Disguise – The subject looks and sounds exactly like someone else for a number of hours equal to the subject’s endurance.

*Drought – Stops the rain or prevents rain for the number of hours equal to the caster’s endurance.

*Earthquake – Causes an earthquake within a quarter mile radius. The strength of the quake is impacted by the caster’s psyche. Amber level psyche produces very slight shaking and no damage. Psyche 1-10 produces slight shaking, will knock over small objects and knock pictures from walls. Psyche 11 – 20 produces weak shaking, may knock over cabinets and other tall pieces of furniture. Psyche 21 – 40 produces moderate shaking, will cause cracking in stronger walls, and light buildings may collapse. Psyche 41 – 70 produces strong shaking, light buildings will collapse, weaker parts of strong structures (towers, roofs, etc.) may collapse. Psyche >70 produces very strong shaking, most structures will collapse or suffer severe damage.

*Ease – Removes the symptoms of an illness or pain. Does not cure. Effect lasts for as many hours as the caster’s endurance before the ritual needs to be repeated.

*Enthrallment – Turns the victim into a mindless slave to the caster. Any skills the victim has that rely on psyche or intellect will not be available to the caster during this time. Victim cannot have a higher psyche than the caster for this to work. Lasts as many hours as the caster’s endurance before the ritual needs to be repeated. The ritual may not be as effective the second time around…

  • Fair Winds - For a period of twenty-four hours, semi-random events arrange themselves to minimize the subject's travel time.

*Farseer - Enables an initiate to gain a vision of a specific person, location, or item, and its surroundings. Some sort of focus is needed for the ritual. Common foci are crystals, mirrors, and pools of water or ink. The initiate gains no special knowledge of where the target is, only perceiving the target's immediate surroundings. No other can perceive the vision, only the caster.

*Guidestar - The subject always knows the direction to go to reach a specific destination. The special effect can manifest as anything from a warm feeling when traveling the right direction to an actual guide - often a small distant light - which may or may not be visible to others. The specific destination must be a place the caster knows well for this to work.

*History – Can only be used on inanimate objects. The initiate will gain knowledge of the object's past, user's personality, events of significance — but no names!

*Infatuation - This causes the target to become infatuated. The target will do everything s/he can to get as close as possible to the object of his affections. The target's personality will not change. It lasts for the number of hours equal to the caster’s endurance.

*Kindle - Does not automatically light anything, but it encourages things to catch on fire at the slightest pretext, and makes extinguishing fires on the subject very difficult.

*Know Magic - This ritual enables an initiate to identify the exact magic affecting an area, person, or object. The initiate will also gain at least one piece of information about the magic.

*Loyal Object - This ritual brings a designated object into the presence of a designated person. When triggered, the next person who passes by the object and happens to be heading in the general direction of the owner will pick it up and carry it along with him. When he stops traveling towards the owner, he will put the object down. The next person heading towards the caster will then pick it up until he changes direction or reaches his destination, leaving it for the next person, and so on. Eventually, the object will return to its owner.

*Marksman’s Charm – Allows the initiate to create a charm that improves the holders marksmanship.

*Mirage - Produces an illusion of anything the caster can clearly imagine. Lasts as many hours as the caster’s psyche. Character’s with psyche over 100 can make this a permanent effect, but the trick will be obvious to those viewing the Mirage through a greater power such as the Pattern Lens.

*Nimbus – This ritual creates an aura around the target that causes people to react to them in a certain way. The caster is free to determine the "flavor" of the aura. The subject could be perceived as sexy, competent, powerful, or anything else the caster desires. The effect will last for a number of minutes equal to the character’s psyche. Spirits will not be susceptible to this.

*Pellicle – Prevents the target from suffering from the effects of inclement weather. Lasts as many hours as the caster’s endurance.

*Perceive Aura – Allows caster to perceive auras. The amount of information gained from perceiving someone’s aura is dependent on the caster’s psyche.

*Poison Burner – The target becomes non-toxic.

*Shared Dreams - This ritual brings two or more people together to share the same dream. All participants must be willing.

*Shroud - This ritual shields the subject (person, place, or object) from spiritual perception.

*Sleep – Causes the victims to fall asleep for a number of hours equal to the caster’s psyche but not to exceed 24 hours. Minor disturbances will not cause them to awaken, but major ones will. The caster must have a greater psyche than the victims for this to work, otherwise, the victim may be able to cause the ritual to backfire on the caster.

*Spirit Watch – Allows the subject to perceive any nearby spirits.

*Strike Barren – The target will be barren for a period of one month. This can be used on land or people.

*Strike Impotent – Just what it says. Lasts for a number of days equal to the caster’s psyche but not to exceed one month. Works on men and women.

*Suggestion - An initiate can use this ritual to weave a subliminal meaning into the substance of a subject's dream.

*Tame - For the duration of effect of this ritual, the animal or group of animals of the same type affect will obey the caster to the best of their ability.

*Truth – A psyche vs. psyche contest in which the caster, if they win can then ask the target a certain number of questions (GM’s discretion) and the target will have to answer truthfully. Depending on the victim’s skills, it is possible that this ritual can backfire and the caster will have to answer a certain number of questions truthfully.

*Unify - This ritual forms a bond between an object and a person so that the object becomes, effectively, a part of the person. This is most commonly done to permit shapeshifters to change form and still retain access to certain items. The ritual is permanent, but there are certain ways to break it if the character wishes to.

*Walk Among Brambles - The subject can travel through any vaguely passable vegetation at his normal walking pace. Vines will not trip him, thorns never scratch and contact with poison oak is harmless. He will not need a machete to penetrate dense jungle or thick gloves to reach into a thorn bush.

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