Shadow Name: Quito

Time Flow (Relative to Amber):

1 Shadow Hour = 24 Amber Hours

Current Leader: Emperor Lucas

Technology and the like: High tech. Space flight is possible. Gun powder does not function.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Functions intermittently. The frequent sand storms interfere with trump connections.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Difficult to use.
Magic: Difficult to use.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Silver Circle.

Type of Government: Imperial.

Typical Denizens: Appear very similar in appearance and build to Native Americans. Clothing varies, but is typically loose and light in color in the typical desert tradition.

Type of Culture: Is a desert world with a binary star system. It has several days each year when there is no night whatsoever. The cities are very high tech with most of the work being done be highly developed cyborgs. Outside of the cities, deep within the desert are moisture farmers. Originally these people started out as slaves but were eventually granted their freedom with the rise of Emperor Lucas. Many of the farmers are still quite poor even though their water sells for a good price to the cities since the Emperor taxes them quite heavily. They are afraid to complain however since they are worried he will change his mind and enslave them once again. City folk tend to look down on the farmers in general. Quito trades primarily in high tech transportation items and cyborgs. Some believe their water has special qualities and there are certain shadows that are willing to trade for bottles of Quito water as well.

Typical Weaponry: Primarily laser based weapons. Many wars are fought using remotely controlled cyborgs.

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