These powers work in both magical and non-magical shadows since they are powered by a character's endurance.

A character must have psyche of 50 or greater to purchase one of these powers.

Each psionic ability is available for 15 points a piece. There is no limit on how many powers you can purchase.

Basic Telekinesis - Manipulation of matter.

Advanced Telekinesis - Manipulation of time (slow things down or speed things up) and energy. You must already possess Basic TK if you want to purchase this power.

Teleportation - Allows you to teleport anywhere you have been before or to anyone you know. You can not teleport to unknown locations or to a person you have never personally met.

Transvection - Bodily levitation or flying. Depending on your endurance you can levitate objects and other people, but you will not have any control over them beyond levitating them (that's TK). You can only make your own body fly, but if you possess enough endurance and strength, in theory, you could carry another person or object.


Body Swap - Allows your character to bump another character out of their body. They will however end up in the character's body until the character relinquishes control over their body. If the subject is unwilling this will become a psyche vs. psyche battle.

The following powers do not duplicate the powers of an Elementalist. They are simply specialized forms of psionic powers:

*Aerokinesis - the control of air
*Electrokinesis - the control of electricity
*Geokinesis - the control of ground-based minerals
*Hydrokinesis - the control of water
*Magnetokinesis - the control of magnetism
*Photokinesis - the control of photons (light)
*Pyrokinesis - the control of fire

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