Power Words

Power Words

Notes of Interest:

The impact/strength of the power word is powered by psyche. The use of the word results in a drain on your endurance.

Initial purchase of Power Words is 10 points and you will be allowed 5 different power words. After this you can purchase additional power words at one point a piece.

New power words can be created, they simply need GM approval. Remember that by their nature, they must be instantaneous, not have a lasting effect, and are generally fairly simple - anything too complicated is really more of a spell and won't be approved.

Power words can be uttered or even be imbued within a simple gesture. It is up to you how you want to role play it.

Power words will always be more effective if they are used with the name of the person they are intended to act on. Using the name of the intended victim may compensate for differences in psyche - at least the first time you use the power word on that individual.

The following is a list of twenty-four common power words:

1. Magic Negation
2. Chaos Negation
3. Psychic Defense
4. Psychic Disrupt
5. Neural Disrupt
6. Lifeforce
7. Resume True Form
8. Defensive Luck
9. Pattern Negation
10. Pain Attack
11. Trump Disrupt
12. Process Surge
13. Process Snuff
14. Shade
15. Light Strobe
16. Spark
17. Burst of Magic
18. Weaken Structure
19. Thunder
20. Burst of Psyche
21. Strength
22. Speed
23. Euphoria
24. Fear

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