1. Posting style should be in the third person present tense.

2. Please leave a blank line between paragraphs as this makes the prose easier to read.

3. Try to post at least two or three times a week. The game will not be slowed down because a particular player is posting less frequently than others, but story arcs can certainly be developed that will keep that character in the mix and allow for them to continue at whatever pace suits them best.

4. In order to avoid over posting, if you are involved in a joint post, please adhere to the following:
* When the GM drops you into a joint thread, the posting order will be noted in the thread. For example, if a thread has three characters and the GM posting in it, the posting rotation may be as follows: GM,PC A, PC B, PC C, GM, PC A, PC B, PC C, and so on. Or, depending on the scene, the posting rotation may be as follows: GM, PC A, PC B, PC C, PC A, PC B, PC C, PC A, PC B, PC C, GM, PC A, PC B, PC C, and so on.
* If a joint thread is mainly about character development or the building of relationships between characters, you may simply be instructed to take turns with the expectation that the GM will intervene only when it becomes necessary.
* If you have to edit a post within a joint thread, please be courteous and notify the other players involved that you have done so.

5. If you have a problem with another player or their post, please handle it in a pm rather than posting it in an active thread. It slows down the game and distracts from the story.

6. Certain events may be played out via private message with the GM. Depending on what's going on…sometimes these events may be discovered by others…secrets can be hard to keep just like in real life.

7. Your character's thoughts should be posted in italic type. Please be courteous to others and refrain from using that information IC. Unless you specifically have posted that you are trying to read another's mind, you should not assume that your PC is aware of another's thoughts.

8. NPCs you have created yourself are fair game, as are minor NPCs that may exist in the area you are in that could be called in to further the scene such as servants and the like. Amber Royals or their equivalent, named NPCs, and NPCs that the GM has already been handling in the scene are generally off limits for the most part other than for minor things that may be required for you to continue advancing your storyline.

9. Feel free to create Shadows for your character to play around in. I don't have any intent of destroying them, so don't worry about paying points for them unless you want to have absolute control over them.

10. Everyone knows wiki can get buggy after a certain number of posts in a thread. If you are having trouble posting, please feel free to start a new thread using the appropriate chapter number and a fitting title (!@#$%& Thread Ate My Post is not a fitting title).

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