The ability to control the density of substances.

Apprentice- 15 points

Allows you to move your own body and any nonliving objects attached to it through solid substances.

Journeyman- 25 points

Allows you to do all Apprentice level skills.

Allows you to change the density of non-living materials around you to make them harder or softer. Shields, pitfalls, and other neat things can be created this way. The change only lasts as long as your character is concentrating on it.

Expert - 35 points

Allows you to do all Journeyman skills.

Allows you to change the density of living creatures including people. This can be done to anyone as long as you are physically touching them. If they have a lesser psyche than you, you only need visual contact with them. If their psyche is equal or greater than yours it will be a psyche vs. psyche battle unless they are willing to be phased.

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