Notes of Interest:

Pattern cannot be purchased if your endurance is below Amberite level. You would have died when you attempted to walk it and therefore you wouldn’t be here to play in the game, would you now?

You cannot shift shadow unless you are moving.

You cannot affect probability if you are restrained in place i.e. chained up, tied up, etc. or if you lack the adequate amount of light necessary to shift shadow.

Each time you walk the Pattern, the following occurs:

All enchantments, dominations, magical charms, compellings, and other things done to screw with your head are burned away.

Any memories lost to amnesia, compellings, or other Powers are recovered.

Shapeshifters are forced into their true form regardless of their current ability to shapeshift.

Once you reach the center, you can tell the Pattern to send you to any location in Shadow that you desire to go to that you have been to before. Unless you have an endurance rating >10 points, you will be fatigued for approximately the next 15 to 30 minutes, so teleporting into the middle of a battle may be slightly more dangerous for you than usual. This drain on your endurance occurs whenever using Pattern teleportation regardless of whether you are physically walking the Pattern or doing it within your mind’s eye.

Points spent on more basic levels of Pattern are applied toward the point values for more advanced levels.

Apprentice - 35 Points


Amberite heritage.
Amberite level or better Endurance.
Chaosian level or better Psych.

Allows you to do the following:

Blood Curse - Usually delivered when dying, the curse is an evoking of a character's personal relationship with the Pattern, a directing of their life energies towards some terrible goal. Should the person invoking it happen to survive, they will lose any Good Stuff points they had and accrue 15 points of Bad Stuff (so they probably won’t live long anyway). It can only be used once so don’t waste it. The subject of the curse, whether person, place, or thing, will have their Good Stuff balance wiped out and be invested with the amount of Bad Stuff equal to 10% of the cursing character’s total value, all of which will be directed toward fulfilling the curse. Therefore, a 200 point character would afflict the subject of their curse with 20 points of Bad Stuff. At this time there is no known way to retract a blood curse. Consider the Bad Stuff written in sharpie permanent marker on the cursed individual’s character sheet. Those who have been cursed can try to build up Good Stuff to balance out the Bad Stuff somewhat (yes, that means that in this case a character will have running balances in both Good Stuff and Bad Stuff – weird, huh?).

Benediction of the Unicorn – The flip side of the Blood Curse. Can only be delivered while dying and if the person bestowing it lives the blessing is null and void. Can only be given once and can never be given in conjunction with a Blood Curse – that’s right, you have to pick one or the other. The blessing results in 10% of the blessing character’s total value being added to the blessed individual in the form of Good Stuff. Once again a character who has received a blessing will be put in the unique position of potentially carrying balances in both Good and Bad Stuff.

Shift Shadow – At this level, your character will be able to walk along and move through shadow by concentrating on altering small details of the environment around you. It will be slow going and can only be accomplished with an adequate light source such as significant artificial light or daylight. You will not be able to shift shadow until you are outside of the borders of Amber.

Leading People Through Shadow - You can lead people through shadow as long as they can see you. This means you can lead only as many troops as can stay within visual contact of you. It also means that anyone who is chasing you can follow your shadow path as well as long as they maintain visual contact. You will not be able to alter shadow to lose them at this level of Pattern. Anyone with Pattern will be able to follow the shadow trail you leave behind you whether they can see you or not for a period of 24 hours no matter what level of Pattern they have taken.

Shadow Seeking – At this level, finding specific items or people is out. You may be able to find a sword, but not a rapier perfectly fitted to you. You may be able to find a cousin, but you’ll have no idea which one until it may already be too late. You will however be able to easily find specific Shadows you have already been to since they will already be programmed into your Pattern’s imprinted GPS.

Journeyman - 50 Points


Amberite heritage.
Amberite level or better Endurance.
Amberite level Psych.

Allows you to do the following:

All Apprentice level Pattern skills.

Shift Shadow – At this level, your character will be able to move about shadow by means of the Royal Way, Shadow Striding, or Hellriding. The Royal Way enables you to control every aspect of your trip down to the weather as your character picks their way through shadow. A very pleasant but slow way to travel. Shadow Striding is much quicker and more dangerous than Shadow Walking but not as fast nor as treacherous as Hellriding. While Hellriding your character keeps one detail of their current environment and changes everything else as they rapidly swing through shadow. While this is one of the fastest ways to get around it can certainly place your character in highly dangerous situations. You will be able to shift shadow with less light than Apprentices and can even shift shadow at night provided there is adequate moonlight. Hellriding by moonlight would be a bit of a gamble though…

Leading People Through Shadow - Anyone who can see you can try to follow you through Shadow if you want them to follow you. If you want to lose them, you have to edit them out. This is fairly easy if they do not have Pattern or have Apprentice level Pattern. However given equivalent levels of Pattern, issues such as Psych, Good Stuff, and gosh darn good ole role playing will become factors in the chase. Those with higher levels of Pattern will likely be able to still track you through shadow, but if you are clever enough, you should be able to slow them down to decrease any trouble they may cause you. At this level, you will be able to lead an army through shadow provided you ride at the head of the group. Anyone who loses visual contact with the rest of your army will be left behind. It's best, if sometimes dangerous, to keep fairly close ranks while doing this so as to NOT lose them, and you will not be able to travel faster than you would if you were Shadow Walking.

Shadow Seeking – You will be able to find specific items and people in shadow, but the more complicated, rare, or unusual the item or person, the longer this will take you. You will also be able to seek out a Shadow of Desire or travel to something intangible or a specific kind of shadow without difficulty. The length of time it takes to arrive at the Shadow of Desire varies depending on whether the target is still or on the move.

Manipulate Probability – As long as there is a reasonable possibility of something happening within a shadow, then your character has a good chance of making it happen. The main limitations are time, since using Pattern takes a few moments of concentration, and probability. A character can't make something unlikely happen, not without going into an adjacent shadow. Small changes, such as changing a coin to reflect the local monetary fare can be done quickly and without much effort. More major changes can take more time and concentration, so you may have less success in impacting probability if you are trying to tinker with it in the midst of a heated battle.

Summon the Sign of the Pattern – the ease with which you can do this is affected by your psych. How long and how easily you can keep it up for is affected by both your psych and endurance levels. The ability will allow you to do the following:
*Hang spells on the Pattern.
*Pattern Defense – While you have this up, you will basically be immune to Logrus, and other Chaos generated forces. It will be difficult for others to use invasive magic on your character as long as your character’s main concentration remains on holding the Sign of the Pattern within their mind’s eye. This does requires real concentration, so you will not be able to run, spell cast, or fight as well as you might if your concentration were unencumbered. Multitasking can be a real bitch. The higher your psyche the easier it will be for you to maintain the Sign while spell casting and the higher your warfare, the easier it will be for you to participate in combat. Once your psych and warfare are over 100, your character can maintain the Sign without diminishing their performance in those areas. If for some reason your character’s concentration on the Sign is broken, the Sign will immediately flicker out.
*Pattern Lens – This will allow you to identify Amberites that have walked the Pattern, identify artifacts that are possessed of the Pattern, any people or objects that are affected by the Logrus, and to track someone through shadow.

Expert - 70 Points


Game play at the Journeyman level or a damn good backstory explaining why your character has Expert level Pattern.

Allows you to do the following:

Everything you could do at the Journeyman level more quickly and with less effort.

Shift Shadow - You will be able to track those of lesser skill with the Pattern throughout shadow with relative ease unless they begin actively working against you, and even then you will still have a good chance of following them depending on the circumstances. Even less light is required to shift shadow. Therefore you could run about from shadow to shadow by candlelight without difficulty if you should wish to do so.

Manipulate Probability - You will have a greater success rate than a Journeyman would if you are attempting this while engaged in another activity. Your threshold for what is probable within a shadow will be more expansive as well.

Summon the Sign of the Pattern - You will be able to Mindwalk the Sign, Scry through the Pattern Lens, and Teleport. In order to teleport you must lock on a place or person within shadow using the Pattern Lens first. If the person is blocking you or the shadow is blocked, then the determination of whether the teleport is successful will be based on psych. You will not be able to use this method in shadows where the Pattern is nonfunctioning.

Mold Shadow - You can use the power of the Pattern to effect change throughout the entire shadow. These changes may be significant enough that you destroy the shadow entirely or completely change its nature. You can open or close to physical entry from others or block trump communication. You can alter time flow to be faster or slower. You can obstruct or sidetrack someone who is hellriding, but you will need to devote attention to these efforts to maintain them as the hellrider attempts to shift through or around them. You can use this to create temporary gateways between shadows.

Artisan - 100 points

Game play at the Expert level.
Psych of at least 20.
Endurance of at least 20.

Allows you to do the following:

Everything you could do at the Expert level more quickly and with less effort.

Shift Shadow - You can hellride with less chance of running into danger. You can track Apprentice and Journeyman Pattern users with your eyes closed.

Manipulate Probability - You are so enlightened in the use of the Pattern now that even in complete darkness you can envision enough light in your mind's eye to affect probability with ease. You can make things that seem "amazing" and "incredible" happen, but not something that would be considered "impossible".

Summon the Sign of the Pattern - You can easily Summon the Sign of the Pattern and hold it while doing other things including combat and sorcery. You can make trump calls in shadows where trumps have been blocked by a Pattern user.

Mold Shadow - You can create Pocket Shadows. You can erase a shadow from the multiverse (not recommended…). You can turn the Pattern on and off within a Shadow you are present in.

Impose Reality - A Shadow being, item, or even an entire Shadow universe can be imbued with Reality. The Shadow will be infused with the power of the Pattern. Manipulation of the Pattern within this shadow will become far more difficult for any one other than the individual who imposed reality upon it. Such shadows will begin to cast shadows themselves just as Amber has. Shadow shifting to get out of or into that shadow becomes difficult and sluggish for all but the individual who imposed reality upon it.

Master - Unless your name is Oberon and the Unicorn is your mother, this is not available to you.

Grand Master - There can be only one, and Dworkin isn't ready to pass the torch yet.

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