Order Of The Serpent

Order of the Serpant

Not available to anyone with Pattern.

Character does not have to have Logrus to take this Power.

Available for 30 points.

Character will be very sensitive to the presence of Pattern users. Pattern users will be unable to hide their presence from those invested with this power.

Blind Eye - A beam of swirling colored light emerges from the character's left eye. Anyone or anything basked in its light will speak in random, disjointed stream of consciousness, revealing their relationship to the major powers.

Venom - Character's saliva will temporarily disrupt Pattern energy. Similar to a power word, it will only work on the same subject once. It will also stabalize and boost Logrus energy.

Favor of the Snake - Senseless, random action grants the character flashes of insight born of the Serpent. These confusing visions often serve as warnings against danger or direction.

Sign of the Chaos - The character can travel through shadow by allowing themselves to embrace the formless chaotic nature of the worlds around them. The faithful of the Order are swept on a Hellride without focus. Characters get where they want to go, but speed is usually at the whim of the Serpent.

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