Shadow Name: Nazareth

Time Flow (Relative to Amber):

One Shadow Hour = 1 ½ Amber Hour

Current Leaders:


Of Continental Nazareth: King Garadyn


Of Bredbeddle: King Aelfric


Of Darby: Justice Fainche

Technology and the like: Very early industrial. Most machines are hand crank in nature although there are some steam powered ones in the cities.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Use with ease.
Logrus: Barely functions. Tendrils cannot cross into or out of the shadow.
Magic: Waxes and wanes. They have the equivalent of “magic storms” which blow through the shadow routinely. When the area one is located in is under the influence of a magic storm, magic can be used with ease – otherwise it is quite difficult to power spells and other works of magic.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Silver Circle.

Type of Government: Bi-Monarchial and Democratic. Nazareth is a shadow with one main continent and two smaller islands. The main continent of Nazareth is rulled by King Garadyn who has proved himself a good king and is quite well liked by his people much as his father before him had been. He is known from making much use of his advisors and rarely makes an official decision without seeking their input first.

The larger of the islands, known as Bredbeddle, is home to an extremist group of Elves that were banished from Innisfree thousands of years ago. The Elven Court is ruled by King Aelfric who does not recognize King Garadyn’s authority over Bredbeddle.

The smaller island of Darby is populated by humans who swear no allegience to King Garadyn, while at the same time not swearing against him. They are settlers that came seeking freedom from a far off shadow that was ruled by a tyrant. King Garadyn’s father agreed to allow them to settle Darby in return for instructing the Humans in magic. Prior to the arrival of the Darbians, only the elves possessed the knowledge to use magic within the shadow. The Darbians’ government is a true democratic society where each individual who has reached the age of adulthood, 17 years of age, is allowed a full vote in any decision. Elections are held every three years to determine who will be the Justice of Darby. Women and men are treated as equals and if the prior Justice was a male, then the upcoming election is only opened to female candidates and vice versa. An individual may only serve once in their lifetime. During those three years they will coordinate voting efforts, ensure that laws are followed, and if necessary act as an impartial judge for disputes.

Typical Denizens: Continental Nazarenes tend to be fair skinned with varied eye and hair colors. They are athletic and known for their agility, speed, and extraordinary eyesight. The elves of Bredbeddle are far smaller than most elves, with their average height being around 5 feet tall. They tend to have dark hair and eyes. The citizens of Darby are fair skinned, often freckled, and tend to have red hair - although blonde is common as well.

Type of Culture: Nazareth is renowned for it's wood products. With 3/4 of the main land mass being forest, this is to be expected. The deep forests of Nazareth have been explored only by a few of her bravest hunters and the stories they tell are the stuff of fairy tales. Julian recruited many of his original Rangers came from this shadow.

Little is known about the elves as humans are unwelcome in their land to the point of bounties being offered by the elf-king for human skins.

Darby is almost communal in nature. Money never exchanges hands and services are simply bartered for. Crime is nonexistent for the most part on the little island and they are a very close knit group. Elders are venerated and the youth celebrated. They are known to be a very happy people.

Typical Weaponry: Medieval in nature. All three lands have mages, but the residents of Darby are considered the most powerful of the three groups in this area. Darby does not have any kind of military and all citizens take turns acting as a sentries. They rely on magic primarily for defense, but they do carry the occasional dagger if their work requires them to possess a sharp cutting implement.

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