Shadow Name: Myrddin

Time Flow: 1 Shadow Hour = to 2 Amber Hours

Current Leader: Caliph Delmar


Technology and the like: Early industrial. Steam engines are common and experiments are currently being done in attempts to harness electricity. Their shipwrights are notoriously gifted and they sail some of the fastest ships on all of the seas of the multi-verse. The alchemists of old are the chemists of today and headway is being made much more quickly in the studies of polymers and metallurgy than in some of the other technological areas. Gun powder works quite well here…in fact…sometimes a little too well…

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Use with ease.
Magic: Normal use.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Nearer to the Courts.

Type of Government: Theocracy. The people of Myrddin worship a sea serpant known as Nog. The Caliph of Nog is the leader of Myrddin and sets policy for his world by interpreting the laws written down in the Book of Nog.

Typical Denizens: The Common People are generally divided into two types, Laborers or Craftsmen. Soldiers or Servicemen are considered a different section of the common people, as they can rise to prominence by their deeds and actions in service. Commoners also can enjoy wealth usually reserved for nobles, if their businesses and such allow for it. They are often somewhat Asian in appearance. It is well known that they through immigration or just casual breeding they have intermingled with the Blood of Chaos.

Type of Culture: Myrddin tends to be very marine oriented. There is only one land access into the shadow and one must cross a treacherous mountain pass to gain access to the kingdom down below. The majority of visitors come by way of sea and are greeted by the sight of Myrddin's mighty naval forces. Masted ships of all sorts are in use, with many different sail designs, from the swift clippers to the large galleons. A wealthy nation, Myrddin fields a Navy of impressive size, with ships of all sorts, prepared to answer to a variety of military situations from interdiction to escort to amphibious assault. They have no tolerance for piracy and they have managed to either subvert (by hiring the felons on as privateers) or crush them with all out combat when the scoundrels enter their waters. Many Myrddins join the Navy, others become simple fishermen, and still others become part floating armed guards hired by merchants both within Marayn and from other shadows to protect their wares as the travel across shadow. A very few join the army as most citizens prefer a career upon the seas. Their army is quite small and they could easily be over run if anyone could ever manage to get past their navy.

There are numerous veins of silver and gold throughout the mountains and these are mined by dwarves who refuse to have anything to do with the rest of Myrddin. They live beneath ground or hidden deep within the mountain forests and trade via the mountain pass that brings so many others to their deaths.

Typical Weaponry: Currently most weapons are mainly cannons, and early musket rifles and pistols. Much research is being done in chemical warfare however.

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