Magics And The Like


If you are interested in using a type of magic that isn't listed here, please feel free to pm your idea to me.

Notes of interest relating to Magic in general:

I am not so anal that I am going to keep track of a lot of this kind of stuff. This is provided for role playing purposes only. If your character crosses too far over the line with something, than it simply either won’t work or something else will happen that obstructs your efforts.

Other than Power Words and Hedge Magic, no Magic Powers are available to anyone of less than an Amber level Psyche. Sorry folks – that’s just the way it is.

Magic Power Sources
Not applicable to Power Words. They will draw upon your PC's own endurance so they will work anywhere as long as your character has adequate endurance to power them.

*Personal Power
Desperate mages can power their magic using their own life force. The emphasis here is 'desperate'. You are feeding off your own Endurance, which tends to quickly become dire. Spells powered by personal power can be cast anywhere, even if the shadow doesn't normally support magic. For the most part, don't expect to be able to power anything beyond the simplest of spells more than once a day in a non-magical shadow.

*Stored Power
Mages can carry a magical 'battery' of some kind with them wherever they go, so that if they're desperate, they can draw on it to perform spells if necessary. These batteries have the major flaw that other mages can easily detect them, which can make stealth past a mage tricky. Also, broken batteries explode, which is never fun. Magic batteries can be purchased for 5 points and can be used to power up to 5 spells a day in a non-magical shadow without draining your endurance.

*External Power Sources
The safest, but least reliable source of power is external power sources. Every shadow where magic works has sources of magical energy. Sometimes it collects in foci points, and in other shadows, it is evenly spread throughout the shadow. Depending on the nature of local magic, this power is tapped in different ways, and learning these ways is the most time consuming aspect of adapting to different shadows. Many shadows are non-magical and have no such sources of magic at all. Expect it to take about half a day for sorcerers with Amberite - 10 points of psyche to get a handle on a shadow's magic, about a quarter of a day for psyches of 11 - 20 points, a couple of hours for psyches of 21 - 30 points, an hour for psyches of 31 - 40, and a few minutes for those with psyches greater than 40 unless there is something particularly unusual about the shadow. Certain shadows may possess magical sources that are not compatible with your spells you have previously hung depending on how you crafted them.

*Logrus Conduit
Sorcerors who have Advanced Logrus Mastery can use the Logrus as a conduit to draw power from other shadows to perform magic even in non-magical shadows. They are vulnerable to having their logrus conduit tendril cut, however.

Cold Casting Times For Spells
Casting times here give a rough idea of how long it takes for a spell to be cast and used immediately, or hung for later use by a character of Amber level psyche. They are determined primarily by how powerful the effect is. As a character’s psyche increases, the length of time it takes for the character to fashion a spell decreases. For instance, Fiona could fashion all but the most complex and difficult of spells virtually instantaneously.

If your character is in a shadow where the forces of magic are dampened or weak, assume that the casting times are doubled.

If magic is nonexistent in a shadow, your character is welcome to try to power it themselves through the use of a spikard or some other means – but it may or may not function, and the casting of such a spell will certainly be a drain on your endurance.

Hanging spells in shadows without magic will not work at all, but depending on what you have pre-existing spells hung on (i.e. the Pattern, the Logrus, etc.), your spells should remain intact and degrade at a normal rate.

Under normal circumstances, typically spells hung on the Pattern won't require adjusting across shadows.

*Petty: 1-3 seconds casting time. Light a candle. Pick a simple lock. Create a flash of light. Make someone look at you.

*Minor: Half a minute casting time. Mind link with someone. Light a bonfire. Generate a five foot radius sphere of light. Make someone think about you.

*Average: Five to ten minutes casting time. Send a telepathic message across the castle. Generate a taser-like effect with lightning. Light a person on fire. Light an entire courtyard. Make someone like you. Teleport short distances. Create magical shields to repel attacks.

*Difficult: 1 hour casting time. Send telepathic message several miles. Blast several people with fire or lightning. Light a small town. Make someone love you. Teleport long distances.

*Challenging: 3-6 hours casting time. Send a telepathic message anywhere in a shadow. Teleport within the same shadow (those with Trump, Pattern, or Logrus can also build spells to teleport anywhere they've ever been). Blast a small crowd. Light a large town. Make someone worship you as a god. Create nigh-invulnerable force fields.

*Hard: 1-3 days casting time. Level the walls of a city. Blow up small armies with magic. Illuminate an entire nation.

*Incredibly hard: 1-4 weeks casting time. Mind control dozens of people at once. Blow up large cities. Teleport dozens of people at once to different destinations. Light up an entire continent.

*God-like: 1-4 months casting time. Do anything you can imagine to any shadow dweller in whatever shadow you're currently in. Do almost anything to any Amberite if you can defeat both their psyche and their endurance.

Number of Spells Known
Sorcery and Other Non-Hedge Magics - Spells known = Psyche divided by 4. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells.)

Hedge Magic - Spells known = Psyche divided by 8. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells. Chaos and Human level = one spell.)

Number of Spells Hung

Psyche Number of Spells Hung
Human 3
Chaos 4
Amber 5
1 to 19 6
20 to 39 8
40 to 59 10
60 to 79 12
80 to 99 14
100 to 119 17
120 to 149 20
150 to 199 24
200 to 299 30
300 and up 40

General Rules That Apply To All Types Of Magics

NO spell can invoke a power, unless the caster of the spell actually possesses that power. Powers include, but are not limited to, Pattern, Logrus,Trump, and Shape Shift. For example, a sorcerer without the Blood of Amber can't create a spell that calls upon the power of the Pattern.

Spells can only be combined with a power at their most basic level (thus becoming much more powerful and difficult to defend against) if the caster has an advanced version of the power. Powers include, but are not limited to, Pattern, Logrus, Trump, and Shape Shift. For example, a spell that combines its actions with a Logrus Tendril could only be created by an Advanced Logrus Master. The exception to this is powers that are unique to your character. These can be combined with spells - although the outcome may not always be what you expected, the spell may not be affected, or the power might simply destroy the spell in the process of combining them - so your PC might want to practice a bit…

Feel free to create your own spells! Simply pm them to me. If your PC has only Basic Sorcery, but the spell you created seems like more of an Advanced Level spell, there may be a point value charged for it. However, if the spell fits your character as established by your character concept and various backstories, it is more likely than not that your new spell will be given the all clear without any additional points being required.

Spell Upgrades
(These are already a part of Advanced Sorcery)

*Quick Casting - 3 points
Allows the caster to cast/rack spells twice as fast as their psyche level would normally allow them to.

*Intelligent Sorcery - 5 points
A spell with this micro-spell will be possessed of a certain degree of intelligence, and can guide itself without aid from its caster. It can accept complicated commands, such as a ward whose password or list of authorized personnel can be updated at will. A lightning bolt could be crafted that would turn a corner and aim for the largest human target, or "the man in red robes," even if the sorcerer was unsure of the target's position.

*Contingency Casting - 5 points
You can rack spells to go off or cast themselves under certain, preset conditions. For example, you can set a racked healing spell to go off if you fall unconsious, or a shielding spell to go off if someone swings a sword at you. However, these spells can only be used as they are set to — you can't cast the aforementioned healing spell on a comrade, or even on yourself if you aren't unconsious! Also keep in mind that the spell tends to be very literal minded.

* Hedge Magic
* Sorcery
* Conjuration and Compelling
* Power Words
* Elemental Magic
* Ritual Magic
* Fey Magic
* Channeling

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