Shadow Name: Loepool

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 4 Amber Hours

Current Leader: Speaker Gelsey (rumored to have an Amberite parent and to be able to work certain magical rites, but none of this can be proven since she was abandoned as an infant on the doorstep of a church.)


Current leader of the Technocrat’s Guild: Grand Engineer Februus


Technology and the Like: Industrial level. Technology from other shadows seems to consistently work well here oddly enough as long as it is not mixed with magic of any sort. Any technology brought over the borders is carefully screened by the Technocrat’s Guild (T.G.) prior to being allowed within the city walls however. Technology felt to be dangerous such as weapons and the like can only be carried by the average citizen if they have been issued a Tech 007 Certificate by the T.G. Gun powder works quite well here. Propeller planes are common in the shadow and jet planes are in the works.

Trump: Difficult to use.
Pattern: Easy to use.
Logrus: Difficult to use.
Magic: Very rare and difficult to use. Works best if you bring your own power source such as a spikard, but even then it can be rather difficult to predict.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle

Type of Government: Religious Monarchy. Given the warlike nature of the people and their exceptional strength and speed, when Oberon discovered this shadow, he quickly converted them over to the Church of the Unicorn. The head of the Church is also the ruler of Loepool and known as the Speaker of the Unicorn. Since the religious monarchy was instated, it has always been assumed what is good for the Church is good for the State of the Nation. Building tensions between the Church of the Unicorn and the Technocrat’s Guild have begun to come to a head as of late. While the Grand Engineer has no political power according to the Loepool constitution, it is clear to many that he does indeed wield real power amongst the people and can easily affect their day to day lives. Rumors that Amber’s curse will spread to Loepool are fueling the fires of dissent and the current Speaker has her hands full. Most of her attention has been diverted away from Amber’s troubles at this time as she is barely managing to prevent a rebellion within her own shadow. Normally Loepool is one of Amber’s staunchest and most dependable allies.

Typical Denizens: Both male and female Loepoolians are tall - the average height being over six feet tall. They are typically dark skinned although those haling from the Western half of Loepool tend to be fairer skinned than those of the East. Their garb typically consists of loose fitting robes which vary from brightly colored ornate silken affairs to simple drab linens dyed to blend in with the ruddy that surrounds them desert. They are surprisingly athletic and it is not uncommon for them to be as strong and quick as Chaosians or Amberites.

Type of Culture: Loepool was originally a barren desert split up amongst twelve different tribes. The tribes fought amongst themselves for scarce resources available within the land, and the battles were bloody and unforgiving. With the institution of the Church of the Unicorn, first villages and then cities began to crop up around worship sites. Oberon made sure that these areas were well supplied with off shadow foods and other goods to encourage good will toward Amber. Eventually the people of Loepool gave up the tribal life altogether and resided solely in the cities where they were able to easily trade with other shadows to meet their needs. When it was realized how easy it was to work with technology in the shadow, engineers, scientists, and inventors from other shadows began to immigrate to Loepool. These people joined together into the Technocrat’s Guild and carefully passed their trade on to those Loepoolians who showed an interest in it. Over time the T.G. grew in power, but it is still not as beloved as the Church of the Unicorn. All Loepoolian citizens are expected to serve a minimum of four years in the Army of the Unicorn, but many stay much longer than that as the spirit of the warrior still burns within their blood.

Typical Weaponry: Loepoolians favor any kind of gun, cannon, or bomb. The bigger the bang the better. They are quite skilled in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship as well, but they will prefer to blast away and decimate the enemy from a distance rather than engage close up if given the choice.

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