Shadow Name: Kashfa

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 1 Amber Hour

Current Leader: King Rinaldo I (a.k.a. Luke)


Queen Coral I

Technology and the Like: The technology level in Kashfa is roughly equivalent to that of the dark ages save for a few slight advances in optics, glasswork, chemical combustion, and one or two other trivial sciences. Recently a gas has been discovered that will allow for zeppelin flight and Rinaldo has been working hard to have air strips built throughout the land to allow for easy cross shadow travel.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Normal use.
Magic: Normal use.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Typical Denizen: Most Kashfans have dark hair and eyes, and a broad spectrum of potential skin tones. They generally wear a great deal of jewelry, and their clothing styles tend to mirror those of Amber, only then tend to be crafted out of silkier, lighter fabrics, in slightly different colors. The people of Kashfa are largely a simple, somewhat unsophisticated, but well-meaning folk, who will go out of their way to polish, gild, paint, veneer, or sugar coat even the ugliest and least tasteful of their belongings. They are expert glass crafters, and have a great fondness for frosted, tinted, stained, or otherwise colored glass and crystal.

Typical Culture: A number of seaside towns thrive from the glass business, shipping substantial quantities of glass items to other towns, and other shadows along the Golden Circle. Trying to increase commerce, King Rinaldo has attempted to introduce new avenues of commerce to Kashfa. Since his reign began, he has facilitated the building of numerous casinos and gambling has become one of the biggest businesses in Kashfa. He has also legalized prostitution, and drug trade, for those of a certain age.

King Rinaldo’s red hair distinctly mark him as different from native Kashfans and there are many who are resentful of the changes his rule has brought. Others are angry with him for taking a Begman bride and worse yet a Begman lover. It is no secret that while Rinaldo and Coral are friendly, the King prefers Nayda’s company. Coral is often absent from the kingdom visiting King Merlin in the Courts of Chaos which has aroused suspicion if not complete hatred among some sects of Kashfa. She has traveled less since she has reached the last trimester of her pregnancy though which has allayed some Kashfans’ concerns over their Queen’s loyalties. The people of Kashfa, for the most part, worship the Unicorn as their primary deity and this has been strongly encouraged by Rinaldo as a play toward placating Amber. Unfortunately, Rinaldo’s encouragement of Unicorn worship has also had the effect of creating even stronger prejudices and superstitions against Chaosians or perceived Chaosians. Shapeshifters entering Kashfa are strongly encouraged to hide their talents, lest they be arrested, killed, or start a riot. A discrete Chaosian in human form should have no troubles, but anyone who looks obviously inhuman is going to be feared and hated.

Typical Weaponry: Medieval weaponry is most typical. Chemical combustion weapons, such as guns and cannons, will not work in Kashfa, unless they were developed in Kashfa through rigorous testing of various substances over the course of several years. These substances are in short supply even in Kashfa and unless you are a part of the King’s Royal Guard it is unlikely you would be found carrying a gun. Technology from off shadow does not function in Kashfa which is a blessing or Begma probably already would have invaded them by now.

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