Shadow Name: Innisfree

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 1 Amber Hour

Current Leaders:


King Emyr


Counselor of the Water Murchadh


Counselor of the Wood Terfel


Counselor of the Air Nyla


Counselor of the Earth Rhianon


Counselor of the Fire Aydan

Technology and the Like: Nonexistent. Technology does not function here.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Use with ease.
Pattern: Typical use.
Logrus: Functions but the results can be unpredictable. Cannot be used for summoning.
Magic: Use with ease.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Type of Government: Innisfree is ruled by either a King or a Queen that comes from the ranks of the royal family which can trace its blood lineage back to the original leader of the expedition that discovered Innisfree. The member of the royal family that will hold the title is appointed by a Council of Elders made up of five individuals selected by the citizens of Innisfree. Each one of the Elders is typically in the prime of their life as they will be expected to serve for more than a century and is intended to represent one of the five prime elements, earth, air, water, fire, and wood. Because of this, elemental mages are often favored. Every twenty-five years an election is held and the Elder that has been sitting on the Council the longest is replaced. This means that each Elder sits on the Council for approximately 125 years. Should one of the Elders die while in office, an emergency vote is held. The Council both advises the King or Queen and tends to the day to day business of the realm. While the Council holds real power, the King or Queen maintains the right to overrule them, and in times of war the monarch has the right to disband the Council altogether.


Queen Drydwen


Queen Eiolonwy of Dandara (daughter of Emyr and Drydwen)

Typical Denizen: The original settlers of Innisfree were Elves who stumbled upon the world while exploring a ley line that led them to the shadow. They fell in love with its beauty and the strength of the magic seemed to draw them there and bond them to the very land itself. It is very rare for an Innisfree native to ever leave the shadow permanently and people who are not born there are never granted full citizenship. Those born of Innisfree blood are without exception possessed of an unearthly beauty. Their appearance varies greatly as the original expedition was formed out of several different groups of elves – each charting the course of ley lines throughout shadow for their own people, but traveling together for the safety that numbers provided. All of them do tend to be tall and somewhat slender, graceful but strong, and resistant to the extremes of nature. Some are known to have the ability to shape shift and others still have the ability to transmutate into non-living things such as water, stone, or even light. Those with blood ties to the royal family often possess pointed ears so this particular physical characteristic is often flaunted in their society. All are born with innate magical abilities. Their senses, especially of hearing and sight, are much keener than those of men. Many of the elves of Innisfree have no need of sleep, but instead rest their minds in waking dreams or by meditating on beautiful things. All of them are able to communicate with living beings telepathically and their voices are seldom heard being used for mundane communication amongst each other. They tend to be immune to disease and their aging process is much slower than man making them appear almost immortal to humans.

Typical Culture and other noteworthy issues: The entire Shadow is surrounded by mountain ranges. Routes to intershadow travel found within the oceans beyond are accessed by traveling down extraordinarily wide and deep rivers that wind both between and through the mountains in a complicated labyrinth. While these make defending against naval attacks, the set up has also allowed for pirates to easily ambush Innisfree vessels attempting to sail out of the shadow on trade missions. The shadow is bordered on either side by Valta and Begma and intershadow travel by land is only possible by traveling through one or the other of these other shadows – neither of which is on very friendly terms with Innisfee at the moment. The interior of the shadow is filled with lovely valleys, wooded glades, old growth forests, and enormous lakes that seem to stretch out beyond the very horizon itself. The climate is cool-temperate during the summer with fairly snowy winters.

Needing a male heir, King Somerled recently divorced his wife Aditi of Valta and took Princess Eiolonwy of Innisfree as his bride hoping not only will she produce a son for him, but that the marriage would strengthen ties between Dandara and Innisfree. The action has caused trouble within all three shadows since Valta has taken the divorce as an insult and has ceased all trade with Innisfree and Dandara. In addition, Valta is refusing to allow any other trade to pass through their shared border with Innisfree. The only other access to the shadow of Innisfree is via naval intershadow routes or through Begma. Given the current political climate of Begma, little trade is occurring over that border either, and the Begmans levy heavy tariffs on any goods that do manage to make their way over the border. Innisfree has tried to concentrate on meeting their needs via sea routes, but Valtan pirates, supposedly unauthorized by the official government, have been wreaking havoc on their shipping vessels. Innisfree is now calling for Dandara to come to their assistance and while Somerled is leery to do so, as part of the trade agreements made when he took Princess Eiolonwy as his wife, he is forced to have his fleet get involved.

They were very close with Amber during Oberon’s reign but drifted away from them once Eric began to take control of them. Ties have been strengthened with them again during King Random’s reign, and they are very concerned over recent happenings. Unfortunately, their own recent troubles with Valta and Begma have prevented them from being able offer much assistance to Rinaldo or Merlin in their efforts to unravel the sudden ensorclery of Amber. The current political environment has resulted in dangerous divisions among the Council of Elders.

Typical Weaponry: Medieval style weaponry as well as potent magic. Known for having many elemental mages amongst them.

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