Hedge Magic

Hedge Magic or Personal Magic

"If you invited a hedge wizard to a party he'd spend half the evening talking to your potted plant…and he'd spend the other half listening to it." - from the Discworld series

A less powerful form of magic than sorcery. The practitioner will only be able to use their magical skills in shadows where magic is present. They will not be able to hold their own in a duel against a decent Sorcerer who is able to draw their power from more elegant and stronger forces. Their spells will be easy to defend against with either the Pattern or Logrus as long as the victim has the time and skill sets to use said powers in their defense. Racking spells will take longer. On the other hand, it's cheap at 12 points, you can take it even if you sold down your psyche, and it's fun to role play. If you choose to have your character take Hedge Magic, you should prepare a brief outline of your character's experience with it, the concept of their personal magic, and in general just give it a bit of flavor. It will behoove you in the long run. If you choose to buy up to sorcery later on, your hedge magic points can be applied toward the cost of sorcery.

Number of Spells Known

Hedge Magic - Spells known = Psyche divided by 8. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells. Chaos and Human level = one spell.)

Number of Spells Hung

They must have an artifact to hang spells on if they do not possess Pattern or Logrus.

Psyche Number of Spells Hung
Human 3
Chaos 4
Amber 5
1 to 19 6
20 to 39 8
40 to 59 10
60 to 79 12
80 to 99 14
100 to 119 17
120 to 149 20
150 to 199 24
200 to 299 30
300 and up 40
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