Shadow Name: Gwalior

Current Ruler: Empress Somsri


Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 1 Amber Hour

Technology and the like: Little effort has been put into developing any kind of advanced technology due to massive EMP storms that travel through the land several times a day. These storms also bring along massive amounts of lightning and have been known to generate magnetic hailstones as well. Electricity is available and is generated by windmills and watermills, however no one relies on it as their main power source and it is considered more of a luxury. Gun powder works well here and is prevalent within the shadow.

Function of Various Powers:
Trump: Intermittent connection.
Pattern: Difficult to use.
Logrus: Easy to use.
Magic: Easy to use.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Golden Circle

Typical Denizens: Gwalior are Asian in appearance and women tend to dress in traditional garb such as kimonos. Men do not hold as many rights as women and are more commonly seen in simple work clothes.

Type of Government: Gwalior is an ages old Empire that is inherited from mother to daughter along the royal blood line. The current Empress has shown a mystical like agelessness that Gwaliorians attribute to her being blessed by the Phoenix.


Type of Culture: Gwalior is an island nation and has a very powerful navy. While they are not quite xenophobic, they are not far from it. Interactions with other shadows is primarily for trade purposes only, although the men of Amber have always been welcome there. Rumor has it that their visits are encouraged because it is felt that the Blood of the Unicorn strengthens the Blood of the Phoenix. To date there is only one known offspring of an Amberite and a Gwalior native. This child escaped and while she admits there are others like her, she will say little else on the matter. It is a matriarchal society. Men are considered a gift from the Phoenix and are there primarily for the women’s pleasure and comfort. Their military consists almost solely of women, although occasionally a man may be called in to do grunt work. Gwalior relies on the trading of precious metals and gems for intershadow commerce and it is in the mines that most men earn their keep.

Typical Weaponry: Conventional guns and bombs are commonplace and all women are trained extensively in martial arts and swordsman ship. It is rumored that the men are rather handy with their pickaxes and shovels. Both men and women are extremely skilled in hedge magic.

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