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Marita watches Xander offer to work with Lumi and move to do so, carefully, though she wonders if he truly understands what kind of care Lumi needs to be handled with, given that she almost decapitated Marita the first time the two met, or at least the way Kay tell sit she did. She tries to decide if the man is very brave or extremely foolish, but in a moment realizes he is a bit ignorant of Lumi’s ways, but is both brave and gentle, and certainly has proved himself worthy of Marita’s trust so far,

“If I may be your eyes in a different way, Lumi, Lord Xander is extremely handsome, gallant and most women would be more than pleased just to be offered his hand to hold, much less to allow you to see through his eyes and mind. I am sure he won’t lead you astray, and let us just hope the same is true of your piloting skills,” she both reassures and teases her sister, turning to look at a mortified Kay, mortified by the thought of a blind Lumi piloting anything, much less a space ship, and simply shrugs. It isn’t as if they have any spare time or additional options to choose from.

The talk of how soon the Queen’s troops might be there and the concern everyone, especially Cor who should know the squat man best, worries Marita on many levels. She looks to Kay and Sera,

“Serafina, your magic still works here, perhaps you can give Aunt Kay a hand with Geran and Aunt Kay can figure out why your spells aren’t affected by this place while ours are gone completely. Varan, look after your Father, I have a bit of cleaning up to do.”

Waiting until her family is busy with the tasks she has set them to, Marita walks over and picks up a trident style spear dropped by one of the soldiers in the fight. Making her way over to the dwarf’s prostrate body, she uses the tip of her shoe to flip him over face down, then rather unceremoniously raises and with an efficiency of grace and movement, thrusts the tree tined battle implement through the back of his head, careful to use a slightly downward angle as his head is triple skewered and making sure that her hand is not in contact with the weapon when it contacts the remnants of his brain.

“Never simply smash the computer, always disable the hard drive,” she mutters, as if it was something Marta learned the hard way in her experiences. Striking the dwarf from the back will make it look like a friendly fire or intentional fragging incident by one of his own troops, a not unlikely scenario given the fear and utter dislike the dwarf seemed to engender in the others. Piercing him from the front would make his battle look heroic and bolster the tales of any who might have escaped, instead Marita hopes to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of anyone who hears that they came upon a powerful enemy that defeated them. A poorly executed mutiny would have to be a possible conclusion to draw from the evidence she leaves, and Marita’s skill as an assassin serves her well in this way.

Walking back, Marita eyes Cor brusquely for a moment,

“The dwarf represented a threat to my family, I suggest you do not make me feel the same way about you. Answer Lord Cynwyd’s queries truthfully and completely and you might just stay on my good side. Your lot and life depend on ours now, those whom you might have called allies will now see you as an enemy, a renegade who lead a rebellion against the dwarf and his control over you. You have very few options left now, you will want to choose them quite carefully.”

Her tone is cold and business-like, not angry or wild in her threats, making her words all the more frighteningly real and dispassionate, yet in the same moment she melts back into her family unit, talking sweetly to her daughter and sister, and gently taking her newborn Babe into her arms as she adores and soothes him. Cor can easily see that the Amberites are not a people to be trifled with or fooled, and that his own fate hangs by a single thread of trust and usefulness, one that can be severed in the blink of an eye.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by MZ3MZ3, 09 Mar 2015 03:22

Xander thinks for a moment at the question that Cynwyd has posed.

"For a neural link like eye to eye contact to be established, a strong mental contact would have to be formed. I've had some experience in that field." he says and walks over to Lumi after maki\ng certain that the net is stabilized.

He kneels down next to her and..holds his hand out next to hers. ,((the one without the gauntlet on it..))

"I'm going to open my mind to yours. We're going to have to trust each other to make this work. it'll be a little disorientating,.,because you'll be seeing things through my eyes…..but you will be seeing…okay? We'll be taking this slowly,,,so if things start feeling weird or if it gets to be too much for you of if anything is making you uneasy…you let me know…okay?

Here goes…Lumi, right? I'm Xander. We're about to let each other into our minds..but your thoughts are your own. i don't work that way. i'm just connecting your neural impulses to mine. I promise.

We'll jave to stay in physcal contact..initially.. for you to maintain your sight. If we go on the move…you can either hold my hand. or climb in my back

Let's begin."

He very slowly and carefully enters her mind..but only searches for her neural pathways..and once he connects with her sensory perception..particularly her sight..he stops and establishes the link…and mantains it for her to see what he sees.

Then he lets her look around with his eyes to make sure she gets used to this new way of seeing.

He only wishes he knew what was causing her blindness.

Perhaps in time..with their connection..he will.


Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 07 Mar 2015 23:30

Cynwyd thinks for a moment, and then shakes his head. "Talk about micromanaging. She sounds like Hitler. 'You can't run from planes with ships.' On foot, or even mounted, we can't outrun a spaceship, which would no doubt at least have IR or motion technology that would quickly locate us. Cor, can we get to the spaceport in a few hours?"

After he answers, he looks at the rest of the group. "Can anyone let Lumi see through their eyes so she can pilot the spaceship?"

Then back to Cor. "What's the deal with him." Cynwyd points at the dwarf. "What's his title, rank and relationship to the Queen."

One might get the impression that he is looking to get rid of unwanted baggage, and that would not bode well for the dwarf.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 07 Mar 2015 18:18

Cor nods when asked if he came from the city and then replies thoughtfully, "If no one gets back alive to inform her of what happened, at least a few hours would be my guess. She will assume her troops' success is inevitable. There are few beings that can stand up to her forces. If someone survives and makes it back to the city they will be on us in minutes. And less welcoming than last time."

He confirms there are lasers on the spaceships, but no missles that he knows of. The ships could fly close enough to hit people on the ground, but that would require skilled piloting.

Lumi, the now blind woman, cheerfully mentions she can pilot a spaceship…if she could see that is.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by EvermayEvermay, 07 Mar 2015 15:24

Cynwyd sees Xander eyeballing the dwarf, and looks back at Marita.

"I concur. I have seen children commit atrocities, strap bombs to themselves and kill groups of soldiers, and we have no idea if they are malleable or not, or if they are slaves or mentally enthralled by this Queen."

The look in his eyes suggests that he has had to prevent some of those children from doing those things, and probably not by grounding them. More like putting them in the ground. Marita can tell that Cynwyd doesn't want to do that again.

"I can do many things with a sword, a gun, a horse, a car, a tank, a boat…but I cannot fly a spaceship. Unless one of us can, that would be a poor choice as well."

Xander. So that is the name of the blond. Cynwyd thinks briefly of a Xander he knew once. He does nod his head politely to Marita when she acknowledges his strategic gifts.

"Cor. Three questions. Did you come from the main city? How long after you fail to report back will a second force be sent? What is the longest range weapon your Queen's forces possess?"

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 07 Mar 2015 03:25

((Xander wants to take the dwarf on mentally, but I'll wait until you jump back in to do that.))

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 06 Mar 2015 00:12

((OOC: Read each others' posts and respond. Feel free to have your PCs and the NPCs collaborate until you get to some sort of shelter or other stopping point and then I will jump back in. Remember, no Pattern or magic, but otherwise strength, warfare, endurance and the strength of your PCs' psyche are still intact. Mental manipulation will be possible on all of the Lunars present other than the dwarf whose mind is strong enough to prevent such influence.))

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by EvermayEvermay, 05 Mar 2015 23:17

“Lord Cynwyd, thank you, you are a credit to your Father's line,” Marita nods in greeting, though she is far too exhausted to stand up and greet him properly, her voice at least is strong and her tone appreciative of his efforts on all of their behalves.

She has already thanked and praised Varan for the information he delivered, and listened to the rest of what was said as much as possible, replying to Cynwyd by thinking aloud,

“I am not fond of the idea of either fighting or putting in danger a bunch of children. No doubt they are being trained to be loyal to this Queen, and even if they accepted us, I find these people nearly as ruthless as we are, perhaps more. It would be best, I think, to lay some false tracks for those that will no doubt be coming to follow, then head where we can find facilities we need and where we will not be expected.”

In her eyes Cynwyd can see that if they were not caring for so many ill, disabled, wounded and young, Marita might well seek to surreptitiously take the fight to the Queen herself, better to rule in Hell and all that sort of thing, but at the moment that seems a poor and nearly impossible option.

“I think Lord Xander and I can plant false memories in the ones that we leave alive, my magic seems to not work here, but our minds are unaffected by this place. You have the best head for strategy among us, no offense to any other, given those parameters what would you do if you were the enemy, and knowing that, what should we do to gain safety and time.”

It goes unsaid but clear in her tone and words that Marita is not of a mind to leave any of the others alive unless they make useful dupes to be left behind or guides to help them along.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by MZ3MZ3, 05 Mar 2015 23:02

Cynwyd returns from the slaughter of the men who ran. Cynwyd is not a big fan of loose ends. For a moment he considers just killing Cor and the dwarf, but knows that someone here can probably interrogate them via mental means. Cynwyd knows how to torture and get information, but he doesn't like it.

It doesn't mean he won't if he must, though.

Cynwyd nods to the stranger. "You seem to have them well in hand." He gestures at Cor and the dwarf and then rides over to Marita and dismounts, keeping an eye on the mount.

"Lady Marita. Congratulations. We should make some decisions as to our next plan of action."

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 01 Mar 2015 07:43

Xander regains control of the net and his mind intensifies as his eyes meet the eyes of the remaining prisoner.

"You're going to wish you hadn't done that. You really are."

He slowly pushes his mind into the man's…he knows what he wants to find…the location of the training camp that his now dead comrade was talking about.

But first, he has to control his mind enough that he will not be killed by the net.

As soon as his mind has subjugated the prisoner's…..he calms him down. Then he begins the process of finding the one piece of information he seeks…the location of the training camp..sifting through the information in his brain until he gets what eh seeks.

He is either successful of he isn't. But in the end..he is grateful to his Mother for making him practice the art if mental information gathering at certain times..when she deigned to visit him.

Xander listens to what Cor says about the training camps and ponders on well as their other options.

He motions over to the dwarf.

"If that little bastard starts to wake up again, let me at him. He won't find me so enthralling."

He looks over to the family, then back to Cynwyd.

"If the plan is for us to stick together…then we need transport. That would mean one of those ships.

We have a man down over there…and I'm not sure what walking, running or anything else would do to worsen his trauma. . We also have a blind woman. So any travel with them will be slow and careful.

I'm not leaving them."

He waits to see what Cynwyd decides.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 15 Feb 2015 07:07

The captives seem to believe their queen is all powerful and can see everything and everyone. Whether this is true or whether this is what they have been taught to believe is impossible to tell.

Cynwyd is easily capable of overtaking the runners and his mount seems to delight in tearing limb from limb those Cynwyd does not decapitate or otherwise dispatch.

As Cynwyd departs to buy them more time, one of the men in the net begins trying to negotiate with Xander for his freedom. He mentions a training camp to the south where perhaps they might be able to take shelter and find medical supplies. As he begins to give Xander more details, the other captive in the net deliberately struggles, causing the net to shrink and crushes the man’s windpipe thus eliminating any chance of more explicit directions. The remaining captive glares at Xander as he takes shallow breaths, his body close to be crushed by his victim and the net.

As Cynwyd returns, he sees the dwarf begin to awaken. Cor notices it as well and kicks the man in the head, rendering him unconscious again. He glances over at Cynwyd and says, “If he awakens, he will place me and who knows else under his thrall again.”

Of course Cor could be lying. Perhaps he has an ulterior motive.

Lumi is pouting because she can hear battling going on and isn’t getting to participate. Kay is enchanted with Geran who is now sleeping happily in her arms, looking like the beautiful baby boy Marita always envisioned she would have.

Varan returns and reports that one of the captives mentioned a training facility to their south that might have the facilities they need. Unfortunately, the other captive killed the one that was talking.

“I guess separating prisoners is a good policy,” he muses with a wry smile.

Cor says he knows there are such training facilities and that they typically have children there between the ages of 10 and 12 with a few as old as 14. The exact location is unknown to him, but he suggests it shouldn’t be hard to find should they choose to go there. Cor points out there is a village perhaps 14 miles in the opposite direction from the camp. The only other nearby resource he suggests is a hanger on the outskirts of the castle where space ships are sent for repair. Stealing one would allow them to leave the planet surface or at least relocate to another part of the planet – although Cor admits technically the entire planet is under the authority of the Queen.

It seems the three Amberites will need to come to agreement or go their separate ways.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by EvermayEvermay, 15 Feb 2015 05:18

Cynwyd looks at the stranger, then to the two caught in the net.

"I also suggest you still your tongues. You know what the next step is for fish caught in nets."

He pauses for a dramatic moment.

"They get my sword. Get the point?" If he is trying to be punny, his face doesn't show anything but cold death.

Get the point? Damned fairy blood.

Cynwyd glances at the man who gives the Greek lesson. "Actually, she was allegedly a Titan who fought on the side of the Gods of Olympus, but its all Gree….ah, nevermind."

Damned fairy blood.

He looks at the figures running towards the city in the distance. "You are correct. Watch Cor and our short friend here. I can ride the runners down and buy us more time."

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 13 Feb 2015 19:55

The entire day has been exhausting and shocking to Marita, and she pushes aside her weariness, her body and mind still working now out of almost pure will, driven by the most primal instincts to protect her children and her mate and lover, to say nothing of the two sisters she would die for. Once she accomplishes all that she can with her blood and the shifting she is able to do, Marita practically collapses onto Mace, smiling through her very salty, almost dry like crystals tears and telling him as she kisses him again and again,

“No, I did not, but thinking back maybe I should have on the night we conceived. Oh, the things you do to me, Mason Chanicut,” and it is quite true that as much as his life has changed and become more complicated with Marita in it, his presence in her life has almost completely transformed all that she is now from all that she was. Some things stay the same, the deepest things and those things that drew him to her in the first place, but it is unlikely Caine or even Vista could have ever imagined their wild and willful daughter turning into the woman she has become.

Time, shelter, food, safety, they are paramount, and Marita looks to Varan,

“You need to be the man of the family until your Dad is back to himself, Varan. Can you go and talk quietly to our two allies and see that they make it a priority for us to get to safe ground? You are becoming a grown man, just like them, make me proud, but don’t let your own pride get the best of you…I love you,” she whispers the last few words, knowing that Varan doesn’t need his mother gushing and fawning all over him at a time like this.

Snuggling into Mace, she tries to keep his body warm with hers and looks to Serafina and Kay, asking them how they are doing with their respective charges, Lumi and Geran.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by MZ3MZ3, 09 Feb 2015 05:18

Xander listens to where they are and when the Queen is mentioned …he ponders a moment then nods knowingly.

When his captives start threatening Cynwyd's prisoner. he says…

"Silence, you two. The net you are in doesn't care about your Queen or your threats. Only what I tell it to do. And its going to silence you permanently unless you do it yourselves."

Once they get the message, he says to Cynwyd and Cor.

"Hecate is the name of the Greek goddess of magic and ghosts. I'm not saying that this is her…but it might explain how they knew we had arrived so quickly."

He says to Cor..

"Does she have a way of ..scrying from a distance? Of seeing things or sensing things from a distance. And can she track things that belong to her soldiers…like these nets, yourselves or the beasts you ride."

Xander peers at the city in the distance..and the figures running towards it.

"We have to get out of here. Once they get back and report…others will follow. And that reception will be a lot bigger.

And meaner."

He looks over to the family and hopes they will be able to move soon.

Then he waits to see if Cynwyd agrees with him.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 08 Feb 2015 02:47

Xander and Cynwyd's captives inform them they are within the realm of Luna, ruled by Queen Hecate. The name of the queen is said with abject fear and one can be fairly sure the woman rules with an iron fist.

The man Cynwyd keeps within kicking distance states his name Cor.

He mutters, "She claims the throne but it is here only by blood shed not birthright."

The men Xander capture howl that Cor is a traitor and will suffer badly for speaking against the queen. Some of the punishments they mention are enough to turn one's stomach.

"I might as well speak my mind while it is my own," Cor retorts with a bitter smile and glances briefly at the unconscious dwarf.

Marita finds shifting nearly impossible to accomplish, but with so much on the line and such a strong will, she does manage the transfusion. Sharing her blood with Mace gives her insight into the condition of his brain which is scored with a host of hemorrhages. She is able to manipulate her blood within him to stop the bleeds, but it will be up to Mace's body to deal with the aftermath of the injury. Still, with her treatment she knows she has saved his life and provided him with the energy and opportunity needed to heal. She just needs to make sure nothing else traumatic occurs to him over the next day or two. His eyes flicker open and he squeezes her hand, mumbling something about having a headache and wondering aloud if Marita knocked him out during her labor.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by EvermayEvermay, 08 Feb 2015 02:09

Marita can hardly disagree with Kay's evaluation of Mace, nodding her head quietly and a bit too worried to laugh along with the rest at Kay's humorous Kay-ism.

"He needs to see his son, don't you Mace. Meet Geran Mason Chanicut, if you are okay with the name, Love?" she asks and presents Geran at a time when Mace seems more oriented to things.

She thinks over their options and the likelihood of either being able to stay in this place, this spot, much longer seems minimal. Surely enough have escaped or spotted the skirmish from a distance to inform the powers that be of their presence, and either an all out attack and death or a jail cell is a far more likely outcome then not only finding modern medical facilities, much less those friendly enough to offer their use to Marita's family.

Handing Geran to Kay, she offers, "I'm not sure how to apgar score a water elemental, but you are his pediatrician, please, check to make sure I didn't miss anything, Kay?"

Turning back to the other kids and Lumi, she tells them simply,

"Rest, but be wary. Varan, take the first watch and try to listen in on what our allies are doing with the prisoners, any information would be helpful. Sera, you and Lumi stick together and see if you can't help with her sight after a bit, it may just be shock or a burst of light during our transit. Trust your powers, I know that I do."

She kisses Lumi on the forehead and whispers a soft thank you, then turns back to Mace,

"You made a baby with me, and a whole lot more. Geran's delivery was rather bloodless, which means my system still has an abundance of the blood I built up pre-natally. I am of both the Serpent and the Unicorn, and it is time that those two learned to work together for once."

Her voice is soft and quiet, calm and measured as she takes a dagger and pierces two holes, a slightly larger one in her arm and its smaller companion in Mace's arm, then presses the newly created venous apertures one to the other, closing her eyes and concentrating on shifting her body so that the wound on her arm acts like a spigot and catheter, injecting Mace with her blood, a blood with even greater vitality than her own. It is also a blood whose shape and actions she can control. Marita concentrates on sending her white blood cells all around Mace's circulation so that she can detect what injuries he has, allows her far more mindless red blood cells to simply strengthen him, and if needed, instructs her platelets to help clot off any bleeds in his brain or elsewhere, while doing what she can with her blood's other components to aid in his recovery.

Hopefully it doesn't kill him, though she knows that is an all too frightening and real possibility, but in his current state he will not survive an attack or imprisonment. Marita mutters a quiet prayer that her Mother taught her as a child as she focuses all of her energies on saving her husband's life, on saving the man who is the true love of her life.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by MZ3MZ3, 04 Feb 2015 22:51

Cynwyd points in the general direction of Marita and the rest.

"Walk that way. Don't try anything funny, and by funny I don't mean humorous. Don't make me nervous."

The dwarf is across Cynwyd's saddle, with the horn sticking into his gut.

He rides back towards Marita and the others, with the man walking at his side, where Cynwyd can kick him if necessary.

"Where are you from and what should I call you?"

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 03 Feb 2015 07:15

Making sure that there are no weapons they can utilize….Xander releases the men from the net.

He brandishes his sword and has the shield and net at the ready. Standing before them, he speaks in an assured manner….

"I need questions answered, gentlemen. And you're going to tell me them.

Tell us the name of that city you are from. Who rules it. And how you knew that we had arrived here and why you were given orders to make us prisoners.

And leave nothing out."

Xander is ready to throw the net on them again if they try anything like running away or attacking him.

He makes an impressive figure standing over them…expectantly awaiting their answers after escaping their net trap by himself.

He hopes their current situation is enough to get them to speak.


Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 25 Jan 2015 04:15

The dwarf goes limp and if Cynwyd does not catch him, he will no doubt fall to the ground and most likely be trampled or eaten by one of the wolf beasts. Since the man is of small stature, the Amberite can easily catch him with one arm and still hold onto Knowledge. Oddly, once the man is dead, his own steed seems a little calmer and easier to control. All of the men he had been facing but one flee rather than surrendering. The one that surrenders hands his sword over to Cynwyd. He seems to have a bit of trouble controlling his mount and eventually he is thrown and the animal charges away to join the others. The young man curses, stands up and dusts himself off.

"Orders, sir?" he asks, his voice might be slightly mocking, but at the same time, he seems oddly hopeful. Things here seem very incongruous at times.

Geran returns to Marita's arms and coos sweetly, snuggling into Marita happily. She returns to her family and everyone is anxious, but seems safe enough from attack at the moment. Lumi reaches out her hands for the baby, "Let me take him, Mace needs you." Even though blind she seems to move unerringly when she can hear her surroundings.

Mace is drifting in and out of consciousness now, but when he is awake he seems fairly disoriented. Kay looks worried and says, "I think the energy it took to come here was too much for him. He's not Amberite you know," she babbles rapidly and Marita can tell her sister is profoundly nervous which is unnerving in itself, "I think he might have a cerebral hemorrhage. I can try to teach your daughter a spell to confirm this, but it takes time and energy and she needs rest. He may need surgery, or maybe just time. He's a shapeshifter - he heals quite well - it just takes him longer, but I still think it's important to get a better idea of what's going on with him. We need to find a safe place. A place with medical facilities would be great," she looks around at the barren land and says, "But even if not," she grips Marita's hand, "If we can just dig up for a while we'll make it through this. All of us," she finishes firmly.

"I think she meant hole up," points out Lumi and the kids giggle.

Xander has captured two more prisoners in the net. The net draws tight around them. The one seems smart enough not to struggle, but the other is panicked and keeps trying to escape. If he doesn't stop thrashing about, his actions will cause the net to tighten to the point where both men will end up strangled to death. Xander can deal with the men as he see's fit as the others are busy at the moment. Whether he chooses to save one or both, question them, or watch them slowly die from strangulation is completely up to him.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by EvermayEvermay, 25 Jan 2015 00:49

Remaining in control of the net and keeping vigilant as best he can…he listens to the words of the warrior woman and blushes slightly as she kisses his cheeks in gratitude.

He thinks for as moment..a slight look of bewilderment at her thankful touch and confusion on his face….then in a determined voice he says…

"Xander. My name is Xander.

I did what anyone would have done. And I'll keep doing so. Your…family…is in dire need…and I could do no less for them or you."

He looks at her baby and smiles..then at the weapon at her side…then back over at the red man holding off the dwarf.

He remains in place….watching over the two priosners in his netting….keeping guard over the family..and watching what occurs with the red warrior and the dwarf.

He's certain that Cynwyd does not need his help.

Re: 4.1 A Brave New World by KhelXanderKhelXander, 21 Jan 2015 16:50
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