Flux Devotee

Notes of interest:

This is basically the practice of Dark Wuji.

Wuji’s powers are intended to be used to bring about balance within the multiverse, and if an initiate uses their powers in a malicious or self-serving manner often enough, they will lose their Wuji powers altogether and become a Flux Devotee.

Flux Devotee’s must have been Wuji initiates at one time, so no point value is charged. The points spent on Wuji are simply converted over to the Flux power. An Elementary practitioner of Wuji would become an Elementary practitioner of Flux and an Advanced Wuji initiate would become and Advanced Flux initiate. There is no advancing once you have become a Flux Devotee, i.e. if you become an Elementary Flux Devotee you will never be able to buy up to an Advanced level.


You will be able to:

Seek the Bodhi Tree - Flux initiates can still access Undershadow by traveling to Bodhi Trees located throughout the multiverse.

Walk the Path of Entropy - You travel through shadow by surfing on any chaotic moments that are occurring within shadow. It is sort of like a hellride through the worst parts of town…Definitely not the safest way to get around. If a shadow is completely in perfect equilibrium, the character will hit the mental equivalent of a brick wall and have to backtrack.

Warp - You can warp what others see when they are viewing things through their power’s lenses. Your psyche must be higher than theirs for this to work.

Fear Sense - You can sense people’s fears. Your psyche must be higher than theirs for this to work.

Decay - You can slow down someone’s healing by causing disturbances within the target’s biorhythms. This cannot be used to kill an individual. The impact you have depends on both your psyche and target’s psyche and endurance.

Distraction - You can adjust, augment, and introduce emotions (not thoughts) in an individual that will prove distracting or distressing to them. Your psyche must be higher than theirs for this to work.


You will be able to:

Perform all Elementary skills.

Sites of Anarchy - The Flux version of shadow hopping from one shadow to another. Your character will basically hop, skip, and jump across shadow from war, pestilence, death, famine, and other nightmarish goodies to arrive at their destination…if they survive. It is not as rapid as one might think as the character will have to potentially fight their way out of a situation before moving on to the next Site of Anarchy.

Dispel - The initiate can dispel conjured items as long as the destruction of the items will result in increasing the probability of destroying any currently existing equilibrium. They cannot dispel items imbued with relativity or that were conjured by characters with a higher psyche than the Flux initiate.

Balance of Power - The Balance of Power within a shadow can be temporarily shifted in order to achieve anarchy or imbalance. The effects last for as many hours as the initiate’s endurance. The effect can be easily dispelled by expert or artisan level Pattern users.

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