Fey Magic

Fey Magic

Fey magic lends itself well to illusion, trickery, and general mischief. It can also be used to create copies of items at more advanced levels, but they will be fragile and easily dispelled by either the Pattern or the Logrus. For reasons few mages understand, even Fey mages, Fey magic is bent and disrupted by iron and iron ores. Skilled practitioners can actually use this to their advantage with enough practice. Fey spells often involve simple rhymes and gestures. Most spells are minor, and the creative Fey mages tend to do more with tiny amounts of magic than many others do with truly huge amounts.

Notes of interest:

Your character will need to be half fey in order to be a fey magic initiate.

The abilities below are not conferred on a character with a fey heritage unless they spend the points on fey magic.

Fey magic can be purchased for 55 points.

They must have an artifact to hang spells on if they do not possess Pattern or Logrus. Their spells degrade more slowly than those of Hedge Magicians.

Skills, Abilities, and Qualities Conferred:

Fey Deception:

*They have the ability to become invisible at will by transforming their appearance into something that is indistinguishable from their environment as long as the object is one of nature. Thus, they can appear to be an animal, plant, stone, or whatever, regardless of size or shape. As long as they do not attempt to do anything out of the ordinary they are visually undetectable by anything other than the Pattern Lens.

*They can create ornate and complicated illusions and glamours.

Fey Health:

*They heal from wounds twice as fast as someone with their endurance normally would.

*Initiates need not breathe, eat or drink, as they can gain sustenance directly from the spirit of the world around them. However, they will go into a type of hibernation if they are forced to stress their bodies in this fashion.

*Fey can tolerate extremes of temperature beyond the norm.

*They are twice as immune to toxins of a natural origin as others with their endurance normally would be.

Fey Will: They are immune to illusions.

Fey Vision:

*They can easily detect, see through, and ignore a number of fey magics.

*They can see in almost complete darkness.

*They have a knack for finding hidden things.

*They can often detect those who are attempting to use shade or hide in shadow even if other magics are at work.

Fey Journey: They can travel across shadow via ley lines.

Fey Empathy: They can sense deception in others as long as they have a superior psyche.

Fey Binding: In shadows strong in magic, they can actually shape a portion of reality on a small scale, recreating it as they wish, but they are limited to what is possible within nature itself and a Pattern user can easily reverse the changes if they desire. This is how a Fey can help a certain farmer have good crops or repair the shoes in a cobbler's shop, make a person's hair fall out or curdle milk, etc…

Number of Spells Known

Spells known = Psyche divided by 4. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells.)

Number of Spells Hung

Psyche Number of Spells Hung
Human 3
Chaos 4
Amber 5
1 to 19 6
20 to 39 8
40 to 59 10
60 to 79 12
80 to 99 14
100 to 119 17
120 to 149 20
150 to 199 24
200 to 299 30
300 and up 40

Common Fey Spells/Conjurations

Practitioners of Fey Magic can also usually learn spells that are associated with sorcery or develop their own. Spells such as EMPs and the like would not be a typical spell known by a fey mage unless they were taught the spell by practitioner of a different sort of magic.

*Nondescript - This spell make you seem ordinary and nondescript to others. If asked if they had seen you or someone matching your description, creatures who saw you would be unable to recall you. This spell does not make you invisible, and a guard protecting a restricted area would not let you pass by.

*Regal Procession - You create a procession of finely arrayed light horses for you and your companions. They come with a bit and bridle, riding saddle, saddle blanket, ribbons, adornments, and a banner. The caster selects the colors of the horses and the livery, either or both of which can include a heraldic or personal symbol. Material component of horsehair required.

*Basket of Delights - Once a day, when activated with a command word, this basket fills with all manner of ripe, delicious-looking fruit, sufficient to feed three humans for one day.

*Basket of Tainted Delights - This cursed item appears identical to a Basket of Delights. Once a day, when activated with a command word, this basket fills with all manner of ripe, delicious-looking fruit, sufficient to feed three adult humans for one day. One piece of fruit is specially tainted and exceptionally beautiful. Anyone that comes within 10 feet of the basket experiences a suggestion that it immediately eat the pretty fruit and will succumb to its effects. The impact and length of time the effect will have will depend on the victim’s endurance. The caster must specify the effect when the spell is originally crafted.

*Distillate of Dew - A vial of distillate of dew contains a mere drop of liquid. The drinker of this elixir momentarily experiences the exquisite taste of dew on spring mornings and is rendered immune to poison for four hours.

*Gem of Darkness - Causes a simple crystal to be possessed of the following two functions which can be released with the correct command. The crystal can either extinguish all ordinary flames within a twenty foot radius or cause a cloud of darkness to descend upon the gem which affects a twenty foot radius. The crystal will hold the enchantment for two charges.

*Mirror of Fate – Causes a mirror to be enchanted with the abilities of divination. The caster can then ask questions of the mirror. Like all divination, there is always the potential for misinterpretation of the information given.

*Block Crossroads – Causes a ley line to be blocked. Length of effect is dependent on the caster’s endurance.

*The Sky is Falling – Causes pebbles to fall from the sky in a twenty foot radius around the caster. The pebbles will not strike the caster and they will disappear immediately upon impact.

*Circle of Friends – Wards an area so that only allies may enter.

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