Shadow Name: Eregnor

Current Rulers:


Grand Commandant Macabee – the official Head of State


Imperial Secretary Demeter - affiliated with the Resistance


Chancellor Kyndall (deceased)


Representative Caldwell – affiliated with the Resistance

Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 1.5 Amber Hours

Technology and the like: Primitive technology exists. Transportation is primarily done via rafts or horse and cart. Simple machines exist but electricity does not function and tech brought in from other shadows is unreliable and can even be dangerous to use. Gun powder works but is very rare.

Function of Various Powers:
Trump: Normal function.
Pattern: Normal function.
Logrus: Normal function.
Magic: Difficult to use.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Golden Circle, shadow landlocked between Kashfa and Begma.

Typical Denizens: Eregnorites tend to be dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. Their clothes are practical and simple. There is no official religion, rather people of the Earthways would worship those spirits that sanctified the Earth and people of the Riverways would pay homage to those that blessed the waters. The society was loosely knit and their was a comfort amongst them that left them peaceful in general and squabbles amongst themselves were more akin to what one might see at a family dinner…until Begma began to send priests and priestesses of the Cult of the Orchid into the land.

Type of Government: Eregnor had formerly been run by a Triumvirate located at the Keep of the Ways in the very center of Eregnor. One branch of the Triumvirate represented the Earthways, one the Riverways, and one the Eregnor Military. The Begman’s murdered Chancellor Kyndall of the Riverways. Grand Commandant Macabee of the Earthways, who represented the military in the Triumvirate, fell for the Begman’s promises of ultimate power and prestige and is now little more than their puppet – but a very dangerous puppet nonetheless. Currently Imperial Secretary Demeter is leading the Resistance and is hiding somewhere in the southern hemisphere of Eregnor. It is rumored that she is a powerful sorceress, but this is most likely only propaganda. A replacement cannot be officially named for Chancellor Kyndall as it would need to be agreed upon by both Macabee and Demeter, and Macabee has declared Demeter an Enemy of the State. Demeter however recognizes Caldwell of the Riverways as their representative within the Resistance. After learning of the deaths of his parents and younger sister, Caldwell recently returned from off shadow where he had been studying shamanism and other ritual magics.

Type of Culture: Eregnor is a simple agrarian based society. Eregnor is prized for its many rare spices, fruits, and teas that are typically sold to merchants in either Kashfa or Begma. Certain herbs and roots found here have unique and powerful healing properties. The lands are fertile and rivers containing exotic creatures and unusual aquatic plants wind through most of the world causing its geography to be half water and half landmass. Unfortunately, the waterways never cross the shadow’s territorial boundaries, thus creating a situation where one must travel through either Kashfa or Begma in order to exit the shadow. Eregnorites tend to identify themselves by where they live rather than by any family affiliation. For example it would be common to hear a man introduce himself as Brockson of the Riverways or Jarodon of the Earthways. It is just as likely for an Eregnorite to live upon a houseboat as a farm. There are few cities throughout the shadow and communication takes place primarily by messenger. Begman forces have permeated the northern lands and many churches have been set up in the name of the Cult of the Orchid. Begman military presence is found in about two thirds of Eregnor now. The last third is the final stronghold for the Eregnor Resistance which is being supported by Kashfa, although Kashfa’s resources are strained given the current political environment. Those from the north of Eregnor that are anti-Begman have relocated to the south and live in squalor in refugee camps set up haphazardly along the river ways, doing their best to aid the Resistance as a bloody civil war rages across the shadow.

Typical Weaponry: Tends to be medieval in nature. Swords, spears, bows and arrows are common. Guns are available but gun powder is so rare that they are not often seen in combat and more commonly used for hunting game. Poisoning is a frequent cause of death and assassinations have become almost routine.

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