Shadow Name: Endorlynn

Time Flow Relative to Amber: 1 Shadow Hour = 1 Amber Hour

Current Leader: King Syd Blayloch


Technology and the like: Endorlynn is a medieval realm which prides itself in its magnificent clockwork. While the setting is similar to medieval central europe, it is not uncommon to see large clockwork machines amongst its construction crews, serving as clerks and servants, or even within Endorlynn's military. The position of engineer in Endorlynn is one of prestige, and they are counted as a higher social class than even the merchant class.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Normal use.
Logrus: Normal use.
Magic: Difficult to use.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Golden Circle.

Type of Government: Endorlynn is a strict Monarchy with the aging King Syd at its command. King Syd controls his lands through numerous Barons, Dukes and Lords that all pay tribute in the customary Feudal manner. Landings are often granted by the King for Excellence in Engineering. It is not unheard of for a noble whose title was granted due to Excellence in Engineering to have his title stripped from him should he fall out of favor due to his inventions lagging behind other more cutting edge engineers.

Typical Denizen: Endorlynnites are a very proud people, with a complex social pecking order that is primarily based on the amount and complexity of thier machines. Common men and women are able to raise thier families' social standing by proving themselves as engineers. Dark hair and eyes, and olive complected skin is typical of Endorlynns citizens; however, all varieties of hair, eye, and skin tone can be found there.

Typical of Culture: The Endorlyn culture is currently transforming itself at a pace that the aging King is have trouble keeping up with. The sudden popularity of Endorlynn clockworkings and other machines throughout much of the Golden Circle has only served to increase the shadow's urbanization. The cities are thriving centers for intellectual creativity and many of the younger generation have little interest in the "dated" feudal structure of their current government. The atmosphere is extremely competitive and can be very cut throat. Espionage within the engineering field is not uncommon and can be a rather profitable sideline if one is willing to accept the risks that go along with it. Currently the two most brilliant engineers, Lord Jobs and Lord Gates, are waging a bitter propaganda war against each other as they attempt to win a lucrative contract with the Endorlynn military. Many off shadow dwellers journy to Endorlynn to attend their universities. Those citizens that still reside in the countryside, farmers, serfs, and the like, tend to ignore the changes that are sweeping through the cities writing them off as a passing fad. The Church of the Unicorn is the official religion of the shadow, most likely adopted to curry favor with Amber when Endorlynn was first trying to achieve Golden Circle status. The reality is most of the citizens pay only lipservice to unicorn worship and are more interested in the god of engineering and his minions of mighty gold pieces.

Typical Weaponry: The people of Endorlynn do not regularly wear weapons openly, this is something reserved for the military, and police forces. Citizens of means will sometimes travel with a clockwork bodyguard. The military favors swords, shields, and armor amongst its human troops; however, the massive war machines of Endorlynn are what are to be feared. Muskets and Flintlocks are available, but only to those who can afford the weapons and the very precious gunpowder.

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