Shadow Name: Eadgyth

Time Flow: 1 Shadow Hour = to 1.5 Amber Hours

Current Leader: Supreme Warlord Kamigawa


Technology and the like: Moderately industrialized. Gun powder works here and guns are common place. Engines both steam and sloam based (a plant that Eadgyth engineers have managed to distill a substance similar to gasoline from) are typical throughout the shadow.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Typical use.
Pattern: Typical use.
Logrus: Typcial use.
Magic: Typical use.

Proximity to Amber and the Courts: Silver Circle.

Type of Government: Meritocracy.

Typical Denizens: The citizens of Eadgyth are extraordinarily varied given the fact that the shadow was settled by eight different peoples. They do tend to dress alike and their garb if fairly casual consisting of simple pants and shirts for most occassions. Men and women tend to dress similarly and their is little prejudice regarding gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation now that Kamigawa has brought them together.

Type of Culture: Consists of a series of eight walled city states spread across a land rich in natural resources. The city states were initially small feudal outposts started by adventurous nobles seeking their fortunes from various off shadow worlds. Squabbling amongst themselves was common and borders were often issues of contention. Their problems became much worse; however, when approximately 500 years ago the Visigoths invaded and began raping and pillaging the entire shadow. One of the more militant outposts, Baghatur, was able to fight off the invaders, but the rest were left in ruins. The leader of this settlement, Kamigawa, declared himself Supreme Warlord and began to unite all eight outposts into the current city state structure either by means of force or guile. He was able to entice the best and the brightest to fight under his banner by rewarding skill rather than exploiting them as the feudal system had previously done. Mages, craftsman, and warriors alike all gravitated toward Baghatur and the city state's technology grew by leaps and bounds until no other city state could stand against him. Within ten years he had secured the loyalty of all eight city states and the the original nobles either joined him, fled, or were killed. Once his authority was assured he spread the knowledge that had been cultivated in Baghatur to all of the other city states, his generosity incurring the devotion of the people that had remained behind. This ushered in the Era of Abundance which proved to the the most fruitful and prosperous Eadgyth had ever known. Patriotism thrived as the people began thinking of themselves as citizens with both rights and responsibilities rather than property. He relentlessly built schools and battle academies throughout his realms, urging all to take advantage and better themselves to the limits of their abilities. He instituted rigorous exams and trials to choose his magistrates and other high officials, a move that angered many who lost positions given by birth or gained through friends. Kamigawa is not completely comfortable that his son, Aspiradora is up to the task of ruling the world. In a masterwork of diplomacy and forward planning, Kamigawa has set down the Great Charter, establishing Eadgyth as a Meritocracy, ruled by those best fit to rule as outlined in the Charter. A Grand Council with an Elder from each city state would be called to preside as judges over the first Test of Rulership, a month long contest judging ones mental, physical and moral fitness to rule. Being well aware of the exploits of Amberites, Kamigawa also made law that the Supreme Warlord must always be one born of Eadgyth blood. It is no secret that he would be happier if to see the current General of the Military, Siphephelo. All Eadgythians are required to spend a minimum of a year off shadow after which it is hoped they will return and bring new knowledge with them. The Sharing of Enlightenment is a celebration held every spring during which those that have returned over the past year are lauded and tell their tales amidst much merrymaking.

Typical Weaponry: In addition to having a number of skilled mages, Eadgyth's army is armed with guns, bombs, cannons and the like. While swordsmanship is still studied in school in preparation for citizens traveling off shadow, the preference in shadow is for more combustion based weapons.

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