Shadow Name: Dandara

Current Ruler: King Somerled


Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 30 Amber Minutes

Technology and the like: An equal mix of technology and magic works here. Magic is considered more traditional, but the younger generation tends to favor tech. Electricity works, gas, oil, and coal powered engines are in abundance. No space travel as of yet and air travel takes place in zeppelins filled with ununoctium. Tech developed in other shadows does not tend to work here for some reason. Dandarians look at this with pride stating that it obviously means the tech from abroad is inferior. Gun powder does not work here, but the weapons engineers have developed guns and cannons that work using electromagnets principles to create the necessary forces.

Function of Various Powers:
Trump: Normal function.
Pattern: Normal function.
Logrus: Normal function.
Magic: Normal function although easier over or near water.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Golden Circle, very near Rebma.

Typical Denizens: Dark hair with bright blue eyes, these individuals tend to be tall and athletic. They tend to wear their clan colors most of the time, although the youngsters of Dandara will sometimes rebel and dress in regular off shadow clothing.

Type of Government: Traditional Monarchy. The throne can only be inherited by a male. Somerled has seven daughters and no male heir. He recently divorced his wife Aditi of Valta and taken Princess Eiolonwy of Innisfree as his bride hoping not only will she produce a son for him, but that the marriage will strengthen ties between Dandara and Innisfree. The plan is not working well however since Valta has taken the divorce as an insult and has ceased all trade with Innisfree and Dandara. In addition, they are refusing to allow any other trade to pass through their shared border with Innisfree. The only other access to the shadow of Innisfree is via naval routes or through Begma. Given the current political climate of Begma, little trade is occurring over that border as well, and the Begmans levy heavy tariffs on any goods that pass over the border. Innisfree has tried to concentrate on meeting their needs over via sea routes, but Valtan pirates, supposedly unauthorized by the official government, have been wreaking havoc on their shipping vessels. Innisfree is now calling for Dandara to come to their assistance and while Somerled is leery to do so, as part of the trade agreements made when he took Princess Eiolonwy as his wife, he is forced to have his fleet get involved. There has been some increased squabbling between the clans as people’s viewpoints diverge over whether they should get involved in Innisfree’s problems or just ship Queen Eiolonwy back home.


Princess Aditi of Valta, former Queen of Dandara


Queen Eiolonwy


Type of Culture: Dandara is split into eighteen different clans. Clans are recognized not only by the name they bear, but by their garb. Different patterns and colors indicate which clan one belongs to. If a woman is married off into a different clan (which is very rare and typically only occurs as a symbol of a contractual agreement of an exchange of lands), she takes on the colors of her betrothed’s clan. The different clans specialize in different skills, arts, and crafts. Some are known to be particularly adept in magic or the healing arts, others are skilled in engineering and still others in warfare. The clans get along surprisingly well. Each has its own place in the world of Dandara and they all respect what others contribute to the whole. The clan leader is appointed by the King, and is typically chosen because of their experience in the clan’s area of expertise and their loyalty to the royal family. Often times, clan leadership will remain in the same family being handed down from father to son for several generations. Women never hold any political office, but otherwise maintain equal rights with men. The elderly are well cared for and expected to help out primarily by watching over the young and beginning the children’s schooling in whatever their clan specialty is to be. They tend to be a hardworking light hearted people and are prized for their loyalty and stalwartness.

Typical Weaponry: A combination of both magical and conventional weapons is available. The weapons engineers tend to favor weapons based on electromagnetic principles as they seem to function well both in Dandara and on the surrounding seas. They have a small but impressive fleet of ships that are known for their speed. All this being said, the Dandarians would rather sit around the fire telling stories than be out fighting on the front lines.

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