Corazon Del Oro

The strip looking away from Casper's casino, The Jack of Spades.

Shadow Name: Corazon del Oro, aka, Corazon.

Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 30 Amber Minutes.

Current Leader: Casper Barrel. (As he is known there.)

Technology and the like: Equivalent to our earth in Mechanical, Chemical, and Medical knowledge. Complex electronics do not function well in Corazon, and are prone to malfunction unless over-engineered.. Computers must be at least 100 times as large as modern counterparts. No cell phones, small personal electronics. Magic functions here, though it is not widely believed to exist by the general populace.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Use with ease.
Pattern: Average use.
Logrus: Average use.
Magic: Average use. (Powerful with image based magic, like Casper's card spells, or rune magic.)

Proximity to Amber: 1/2 of the distance from Amber to shadow Earth.

Type of Government: Elected Council with honorary irrevocable Council leader, Casper. Basically Casper is the legal equivalent to benevolent dictator who allows a council to run most of his shadows mundane affairs. The council's general M.O. is protecting the status quo.

Typical Denizens: Equivalent to Las Vegas. High rollers. Bodyguards. Sex workers of various levels of class. Mobsters. Tourists. Police. Casino employees. Professional Gamblers.

Type of Culture: A culture of vice, pleasure, and gambling, dominates, with shady deals in backrooms. There is a strong sense of personal honor present here as well, though this applies mostly to those who are citizens. Most people who live in Corazon are not citizens and can be expelled at anytime. Status as a citizen has to be earned, bought, or gifted by the council. Note that these expulsions are mainly used to remove dishonorable and troublesome individuals.

Typical Weaponry: Modern light firearms in most cases. A strong culture of melee weapons still exists in Corazon, and dueling while technically illegal, The police usually look aside The open wearing of knives and daggers is a common thing in this shadow.

Places of Importance:

The Strip: A north to south line of gaudy casino's and bars, the rough equivalent to our Las Vegas. The strip leads right up to the the edge of the dominating two mountains. The Northern mountain is Montaña de Corazon, the southernmost, Montaña de Oro

The Jack of Spades: Casper's casino retreat at the very northern end of the strip, set partially into the mountain. Rumored to lead into a labyrinth and fortress inside the Mountain.

The Golden Roller: Mafia's lead casino and craps paradise. A clean and stylish place, but the atmosphere can be a bit ruthless and the management is is anything but nice.

Black Betty's: Casino, bordello, and hotel. The very best women and men can be had for a price here, legally. Independent from the mob, mainly due to Casper's personal friendship with the owner, a very beautiful brunette named… Betty. (lol) . Casper is a frequent visitor with guests.

The Docks: The southern butt end of the strip, a moderately sleazy casino where desperate characters wander around. A good place to lose someone or find a cheap floozy.

The Desert: To the southwest of the city there is a long dry strip of land created by the way the mountains block the weather. Don't dig very deep in the sand….

The Golden Hills: A rich area dominated by houses of the wealthy, and or citizens.


Corazon Bay.

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