Character Creation

1. As the GM, I have the right to approve or disapprove of a character concept, skill, or artifact. That's just the way it is. I'm pretty easy going about most stuff, but there are just some things that you will actually have to role play your way through rather than relying on a sheet that says you can or can't.

2. I may request that you right a short backstory justifying a certain skill or the creation or finding of a certain artifact - especially if I feel it is a particularly powerful skill or item.

3. Unless your PC is a trump artist, you must take a power that allows you a way to travel across shadow rather than relying on trumps alone. If none of the currently available powers seem appropriate for your character concept, come up with a different power that allows for cross-shadow travel and discuss it with me. I can guarantee you right now that no new powers that grant this ability will be brought on board for less than 20 points, so if you want to go this route, put some effort into fleshing out the power so you don't end up wasting points. If you're not a big fan of Pattern or Logrus, don't forget to check out the various magicks and other powers available as taking some of them will allow you to meet this requirement.

4. Characters will be worth 150 points. Two questionnaires will be made available to you. These questionnaires are optional and worth an additional three points a piece. Up to four additional points will be awarded for backstories that are submitted prior to game start.

5. Attributes will be split into four categories: Strength, Psyche, Warfare, and Endurance. Selling down to Chaosian levels will gain you three additional points, to human level six additional points, and to subhuman level (if you dare) will gain you ten additional points.

6. There will be no buying of allies. You have to make them the old fashioned way - earn them.

7. Your character must have at least one Amberite parent.

8. As far as artifacts and creatures go - go for it! Send me your ideas and I'll give you a point value for them.

9. The game has a partial powers component to it - so if you really want the ability to shape shift yourself a poisonous tail that can grab people and throw them down - but don't want to pay the points for any other shape shifting abilities - pm me and we can discuss how many points your tail is worth…

10. Please submit your character concept in the following format:

Character Name:

Approximate Age:

Shadow of origin:

Clothing Style:
Colors (optional):
Personal symbol (optional):
Heraldry (optional):

Description/Basic Concept:

Skills of note:

Strength -
Psyche -
Warfare -
Endurance -
Total spent on Attributes =

Total spent on Powers =

Total spent on Artifacts =

Total spent on Creatures =

Quiz Number One:
Quiz Number Two:
Total earned Contributions =

Total amount allowed =
Total spent =
Good stuff =
Bad stuff =

Quiz Number One

1. Is there a pivotal event in your character’s history? If so what and why?

2. What is one secret your character doesn’t want anyone to know?

3. What is the most important thing to your character?

4. If your character could have any one question answered, what would it be?

5. Detail a possible arch enemy for your character (include name, description, and reason for hunting you).

Quiz Number Two

1. Describe your character’s take on shadows and shadow dwellers.

2. What event that might happen would your character find the most upsetting/distressing?

3. Does your character believe in Power at any cost? Would your character destroy Pattern?

4. What would your character sacrifice for:
a) knowledge?
b) power?
c) prestige?
d) love?

5. What event/person in your character's history could come back to bite them in the butt?

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