Basic - 10 points


Amber level or greater Psyche.
Amber level or greater Endurance.

You will be able to:

If a shadow has significant magical power, the channeling initiate can channel that power to achieve things that while not subtle, can be very effective. The kinds of effects that can be wrought with this type of magic are generally psychokinetic in nature (pushing, pulling, throwing, bashing, lifting, blocking, etc.).

It is also possible to attempt to directly disintegrate an object by breaking it apart at the molecular level (a strong Psyche advantage would be needed to create this effect in the body of an opponent).
The use of raw power is crude and inexact; you might be able to bash a door down, but you couldn't pick a lock.

Manipulating raw power is slower than releasing hung spells or power words (although faster than creating spells).

The force that can be applied depends on the amount of magic that is locally available, how familiar the user is with the nature of that magic, and the strength of the user's Psyche.

If two mages are attempting to affect each other with raw power, the forces involved will directly counter each other (the contest could be described as something akin to an arm wresting contest).
The use of raw power is very tiring, so Endurance is critical.

Channeling dark magic may have temporary adverse effects. The length of time an effect will last, if one occurs at all, will be determined by a character’s psyche.

Advanced - 15 points


Psyche of 10 or greater.
Endurance of 10 or greater.

You will be able to:

Perform all Basic Channeling skills.

When actively trying to, sense the presence of demons and spirits.

Attempt to bind identified demons or spirits and use them as a source for your channeling abilities.

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