Shadow Name: Canberra

Time Flow (Relative to Amber):

One Shadow Hour = 3 Amber Hours

Current Leader: Queen Arven the Just


Technology and the like: Industrial. Basic machinery and combustion engines function. Gun powder works without difficulty, but must be imported from other shadows.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Very easy to use.
Pattern: Very easy to use.
Logrus: Difficult to use.
Magic: Extremely easy to use.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Silver Circle.

Type of Government: Theocratic Monarchy. According to the writ of the Goddess Seraphina only a woman may rule in Canberra. There is much concern regarding the current state of the monarchy. Queen Arven has been unable to produce a female heir to the throne. The entire shadow has been through The Week of Mourning ritual three separate times upon the birth of three male children: Timothy, Theodore, and Thomas. If the Queen is unable to produce an heir sometime within the next five years she will be forced to abdicate to the Duchess Lyssa. Much of Queen Arven’s time is taking up consorting with various males in an attempt to fulfill her royal duties.

The Duchess Lyssa is rumored to be feeble-minded. These rumors depict the Duchess as being anywhere from absolutely brainless to somewhat daft. These shall remain rumors until the Duchess either dies or takes the throne due to the fact she is kept under heavy guard in the eastern mountain range.

Typical Denizens: The peasant class is primarily either farmers or miners. Women hold all the positions of power, but men are treated decently enough – they just aren’t trusted to manage anything. Their dress tends to be colorful and exotic with shades of blue being favored. Both men and women are fairly tall and usually have fair skin and dark hair. Eye color varies, but blue eyes are considered good luck.

Type of Culture: The farmers live in the deep valley below the mountains where the soil is rich and fertile. There they grow the many unique fruits, vegetables, and grains that are the envy of nearby shadows. The peasant farming villages are governed by a triumvirate of women who have earned their position through inherited succession.

The miners are responsible for the second primary exports and highly valued trade items of blue diamonds and aquamarines. These are mined throughout the western mountain region. During export trips these precious gems are guarded heavily by the Queen's personal army. The leader of the army is General Gwynneth. The General is purported to be tough but fair on the approximate 10,000 troops she governs. The last major raid by brigands occurred in the western mountain pass of Karakas where the General's 2,000 warriors overtook and slaughtered the 5,000 brigands in under an hour. The female warriors of the army are selected after exhibiting certain characteristics associated with talent in the art of warfare between the ages of ten and thirteen. Following three to six years of intensive isolated training they are either sent away in disgrace or join the General's forces. Those that fail out of the army often leap off Purification Mount to their doom. Others lose themselves within the eastern mountain range living like hermits.

Every month when the moon is full there is a celebration period of the Goddess Seraphina throughout the shadow. This celebration lasts from the advent of the full moon until it begins to wane. All weddings are held during this time as well as naming days, and fertility rites. From the royal to the lowest peasant all believe that this is the time of the Goddess’ greatest power and therefore the ideal time for celebration. If one has been fortunate enough to bear a female child in the moon time prior then the mother is presented with a ring made of onyx with embedded diamonds. The diamonds depict the moon in its four stages. If she bore a male, she’s out of luck.

Typical Weaponry: Guns, rifles, cannons and the like are present, but those within the army are all skilled in swordsmanship and archery as well. Most people within in the shadow are hedge magicians so spell casting is commonly used as a weapon as well.

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