Broken Pattern

Broken Pattern

Notes of Interest:

You must have Chaosian Endurance or greater and supply a backstory detailing your PC's experience with the Broken Pattern (i.e. how they came to walk it, where it was located, etc.). Your character will have to have a "flaw" of some sort, whether a mental condition, personality trait, or physical characteristic that accounts for the manifestation of the Break within your PC.

The Break in the Broken Pattern creates the equivalent of 10 points of Bad Stuff for your character whenever they use any Broken Pattern Powers.

Healing and regeneration is never a sure thing when you have Broken Pattern. Depending on whether the Break happens to affect the process or not will depend on whether your character is able to recover 100%.

You cannot shift shadow unless you are moving.

You cannot affect probability if you are restrained in place i.e. chained up, tied up, etc. or if you lack the adequate amount of light necessary to shift shadow.

Walking the true Pattern will mend the Break and give you a full Pattern imprint, but you'll always have a little bit of psychic scar tissue left over that may cause some interesting quirky effects on your Pattern use once in a while.

Points spent on more basic levels of Broken Pattern are applied toward the point values for more advanced levels, or if your character decides to change over to Pattern they can be applied to toward that Power.

Each time you walk the Broken Pattern, the following occurs:

Enchantments, dominations, magical charms, compellings, and other things done to screw with your head are diminished and may even be completely removed - it just depends on that pesky Break.

Any memories lost to amnesia, compellings, or other Powers are partially recovered but may be slightly altered…

Shapeshifters are forced into their true form regardless of their current ability to shapeshift.

Once you reach the center, you can tell the Broken Pattern to send you to any location in Shadow that you desire to go to that you have been to before. Unless you have an endurance rating >10 points, you will be fatigued for approximately the next 15 to 30 minutes, so teleporting into the middle of a battle may be slightly more dangerous for you than usual. This drain on your endurance occurs whenever using Broken Pattern teleportation regardless of whether you are physically walking the Broken Pattern or doing it within your mind’s eye.

Apprentice - 15 points


A darn good backstory justifying you walking it.
Chaosian level or better Endurance.
Chaosian level or better Psych.

Allows you to do the following:

Blood Curse - Can be delivered only when dying, the curse is an evoking of a character's personal relationship with the Broken Pattern, a directing of their life energies towards some terrible goal. The subject of the curse, whether person, place, or thing, will have their Good Stuff balance wiped out and be invested with the amount of Bad Stuff equal to 10% of the cursing character’s total value, all of which will be directed toward fulfilling the curse. Therefore, a 200 point character would afflict the subject of their curse with 20 points of Bad Stuff. Those who have been cursed can try to build up Good Stuff to balance out the Bad Stuff somewhat (yes, that means that in this case a character will have running balances in both Good Stuff and Bad Stuff – weird, huh?). Unlike the Blood Curse of a PC initiated in Pattern, there will always be a way to break the Blood Curse of the Broken Pattern initiate because of the inherent flaw within the Broken Pattern itself. It will be at the GM's discretion as to what action or quest is necessary to break the curse.

Shift Shadow – At this level, your character will be able to walk along and move through shadow by concentrating on altering small details of the environment around you. It will be slow going (about twice as slow as a Pattern Apprentice would be in the same setting) and can only be accomplished with an adequate light source such as significant artificial light or daylight. In addition, Shadow walking is much more dangerous for initiates of the Broken Pattern, as the Break in the Pattern manifests as a physical chasm, much like the Abyss, which exists around them wherever they travel. The Break moves around as they travel through Shadows, and though they can see the Break, they never know where around them the Break in the Pattern will be. Without warning, the Break can show up directly in front of the Broken Pattern initiate, and if the initiate steps into the Break, she will be destroyed forever - the final death.You will not be able to shift shadow until you are outside of the borders of Amber.

Leading People Through Shadow - You can lead people through shadow as long as they can see you. Leading an army through shadow with Broken Pattern is really not advisable (remember the 10 points of Bad Stuff and the Break and…nevermind).

Journeyman - 25 points


Same as Apprentice Level.

Allows you to do the following:

All Apprentice level Broken Pattern skills.

Shift Shadow - You can Shadow Stride now which for a Broken Pattern user allows you to move through shadow almost as fast as a Pattern Apprentice would Shadow Walk. You can Hellride now…if you dare. This is pretty dangerous for a Broken Pattern user but it can be done.

Shadow Seeking - You can find generalized items or a shadow pretty close to what you are looking for, but the Break will leave the object or location flawed in someway that will likely leave you feeling a bit dissatisfied.

Summon the Sign of the Broken Pattern - You can summon the Sign of the Broken Pattern at this level to do the following:

*Hang spells - but sometimes the spells might be a bit warped and once in a blue moon they just slip into the Break and disappear forever.
*Broken Pattern Defense - This will make it difficult for others to use invasive magic on your character as long as your character’s main concentration remains on holding the Sign of the Broken Pattern within their mind’s eye and you're not fighting against a Logrus or Pattern user who can detect the break and attack through it at will. This does requires real concentration, so you will not be able to run, spell cast, or fight as well as you might if your concentration were unencumbered. Multitasking can be a real bitch. The higher your psyche the easier it will be for you to maintain the Sign while spell casting and the higher your warfare, the easier it will be for you to participate in combat. Once your psych and warfare are over 100, your character can maintain the Sign without diminishing their performance in those areas. If for some reason your character’s concentration on the Sign is broken, the Sign will immediately flicker out.

Expert - 45 points


Amberite level or greater Psych.
Ambertie level or greater Endurance.

Allows you to do the following:

All Journeyman level Broken Pattern skills.

Summon the Sign of the Broken Pattern - You can summon the Sign of the Broken Pattern at this level to do the following:

*Broken Pattern Sight - The Break in the Pattern manifests itself in a blind spot in the adepts Sight. Certain things will simply not be visible to the Broken Pattern adept through the Broken Pattern. There is usually no rhyme or reason to what is left out, but the blind spot will sometimes manifest to miss things which the adept subconsciously does not wish to see (such as things which would be frightening or which would conflict with the adepts beliefs). Even worse, Broken Pattern Sight will occasionally show things which are not true, such as showing a card to be a Trump, when it is really just a regular playing card.
*Scrying can be attempted but it will be a lengthy process and suffers from the same flaws that are associated with the Broken Pattern Sight.
*Teleport: This is much more dangerous for a Broken Pattern adept than for a real Pattern Initiate. The Broken Pattern adept has a chance of transporting directly into the Break in their imprint of the Pattern, resulting in the final death. In addition, this transportation leaves the Broken Pattern initiate very drained and vulnerable for a minimum of an hour.

Manipulate Probability - As long as there is a reasonable possibility of something happening within a shadow, then your character has a chance of making it happen. The main limitations are time and probability. A character can't make something unlikely happen, not without going into an adjacent shadow. Small changes, such as changing a coin to reflect the local monetary fare can be done fairly quickly and without much effort. More major changes can take more time and concentration, so you may have less success in impacting probability if you are trying to tinker with it in the midst of a heated battle. However, the Break will manifest itself in the effect, frustrating the true intent or full effect desired by the Broken Pattern Initiate.

Warp Shadow - The adept can also Manifest the Break, forcing their imprint of the Broken Pattern upon a shadow. This has the effect of introducing the adept's Break in the Pattern into the shadow in some form. The Broken Pattern adept can never choose how the Break manifests itself; they can only force the Break to manifest, causing the shadow to develop some flaw. The shadow will not take on the flaw immediately, but will change to conform over time. The flaw will be easily detected by any Pattern Expert within the shadow or viewing the shadow through the Pattern Lens. The flaw can be corrected by the Pattern Expert but it will take some time for the shadow to revert back to normal. If a Broken Pattern adept makes a mistake while imposing the Break, the shadow will be permanently damaged, but so will the adept. The shadow will have a hole ripped in it, which can only be mended by a Pattern Artisan, and the Broken Pattern adept will be physically wounded. The adept can choose to cause this permanent rift if desired, and suffer the consequences.

Artisan - Yeah, right. Get yourself some real Pattern.

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