Shadow Name: Begma

Current Ruler: First Consul Maelgad


Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 1 Amber Hour

Technology and the like: Steam powered engines have been developed and are not uncommon in fairly primitive forms in the cities. Locomotives have recently been introduced across the Shadow by Maelgad. Begma is on the cusp of an industrial revolution fueled by their increased military interests. Electricity is still not present and lighting is achieved through oar fish oil, all though these creatures are quickly becoming endangered. Gun powder functions without difficulty and is a primary component of their most effective weaponry.

Function of Various Powers:
Trump: Normal function.
Pattern: Normal function.
Logrus: Responsiveness waxes and wanes, but in general function is normal.
Magic: Pattern, Logrus, and Trump based magic works normally. All other magic is difficult to work and energy draining. Spells take twice as long to hang here regardless of what style of magic they are based on.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Golden Circle.


Typical Denizens: Begmans tend to be on the shorter side and typically have a sturdy build. While there is some variation, hair color and eye color are typically brown. Those of the northern regions tend to be fairer skinned and those of the southern regions more swarthy – most likely due to the mixing of populations with the neighboring shadow of Eregnor. Prior to the revolution the upper classes dressed in finery of exotic silks and other rare imported cloths; whereas the average citizen wore simple garb made of coarser more practical fabric such as cotton, linen, or even burlap for those living in the more rural areas. Since the revolution those who serve the Cult of the Orchid dress completely in purple signifying their service to the Cult. Others tend to wear either military uniforms or dress in the more simple styles of the that were previously associated with the lower class.

Type of Government: Up until recently, Begma was based on a parliamentary structure, but General Maelgad led a military uprising against Prime Minister Orguz in the midst of the chaos that Amber’s sudden loss from the political scene resulted in. He was publicly beheaded and Maelgad was named the Consul of Begma For Life. His primary goal is to make Begma the dominant force within the Golden Circle as Amber once was and ultimately name himself Emperor of all of the Golden Circle.

Type of Culture: The separation between the fortunes and daily life of "haves" and "have nots" in Begma had increased dramatically over the past quarter of a century leading to general unrest which resulted in fertile ground for the revolutionists to sow their seeds in. Currently citizens who had once been members of the aristocracy, landed nobles, or held positions within the former parliament have been stripped of their properties and rights. Those that were not put to death have been rounded up and placed in prison camps where they are forced into hard labor. The rest of Begma is slowly being cultivated into a well oiled military machine as Maelgad works to orchestrate their rise to power within the Golden Circle. Many citizens are called to serve in the military in some function, and those that do not, typically devote themselves to the Cult of the Orchid. The general atmosphere is very anti-Amber and Maelgad uses this sentiment to fan the flames of resentment toward Merlin, Rinaldo, Coral, and Nayda. They initially infested the northern region of Eregnor with the Cult of the Orchid, allowing it to take root and give them strongholds from which to launch internal attacks. They now have rather uneasy control over approximately three-quarters of Eregnor. The remaining quarter borders Kashfa and the southern folk of Eregnor are receiving support from King Rinaldo as they attempt to battle their kin in what is becoming a rather bloody civil war. Travel through Begma is grossly restricted at this point and even Begman citizens are forced to produce passports at routine checkpoints scattered throughout the shadow.

Typical Weaponry: Conventional style weapons, bayonets, rifles, pistols, grenades, rudimentary machine guns, and poison gases. It is rumored that they are attempting to develop tanks at the current time.

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