Shadow Name: Baku

Time Flow (Relative to Amber):

One Shadow Hour = 2 Amber Hours

Current Leader: King Trahern


Technology and the like: Early Industrial. Gun powder functions and is common. It is often used for blasting in the mines.

Function of Various Powers:

Trump: Normal use.
Pattern: Very easy to use.
Logrus: Very difficult to use.
Magic: Normal use.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Silver Circle.

Type of Government: Industrial Monarchy. Civil order is kept by Barons who each control various areas within the shadow. These Barons run the mines, refineries and trade centers of the realm and report directly to the King. Each Baron maintains a force of troops mostly for guard duty while the Crown maintains a larger force that serves as the shadow’s army. A middle class has sprung up over time that artisans, architects, and engineers. The Barons have been tolerant of this group thus far, but they are careful to restrict their power by withholding materials, jobs, and other resources if they feel an individual is at risk for infringing on their own authority.

Typical Denizens: Most citizens tend to be red headed, fair skinned, and have light eyes. They are of average height and build and wear simple clothes. The barons dress in the type of rich finery that is typically associated with the Lords and Ladies of Amber.

Type of Culture: Baku is a secluded shadow, mostly because it does not have access to shadow via the sea. The capital city, Baku City, is located high in the mountains of Durgan, where it sits overlooking the main continent of Baku. The city is breathtakingly beautiful. Most of the buildings are sheathed in marble, and frescos, sculptures, ornate fountains, and other works of art are commonplace throughout the city.

The trade of the realm comes from the gold, iron, and coal mines that are abundant within the Durgan Mountains. Most of the raw materials are transported down the mountains to the lowlands where the refineries and warehouses are located. A few cities have sprung up around these areas as this is where most of the trading is done.

Baku is the Silver Circle shadow located furthest from Amber. Because of this, it is often left out of trade treaties and other important political maneuverings of Amber and the Golden Circle. This is the thorn in the side of the Baku. They desperately want to be accepted and become a part of the Golden Circle. The major political focus from the current king has been to try to integrate their realm into the Golden Circle and become an accepted and respected part of the powers that be.

Typical weaponry: Guns, cannons, and lots of bombs. They really like their explosives.

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