Shadow Name: Antibes

Current Ruler: Archon Daxos
*Of note: normally Archon Daxos would only maintain his position for one lunar cycle, but at the beginning of Amber Enchanted, the unrest within the Golden Circle has caused the Archons from all 13 city states to convene and agree that Daxos should maintain his position until the current political atmosphere of the Golden Circle stabilizes.


Time Flow (Relative to Amber): One Shadow Hour = 30 Amber Minutes

Technology and the like: Powered primarily by magic, although there is the occasional simple engine. These are found more commonly out on the farms than in the cities. High tech rarely functions correctly here since the amount of and type of magic the Antibiens use tends to interfere with it.

Function of Various Powers:
Trump: Use with ease.
Pattern: Use with ease.
Logrus: Use with ease.
Magic: Use with ease.

Proximity to Amber or the Courts: Golden Circle.


Typical Denizens: The average citizen tends to have fair skin, red hair and startlingly blue or green eyes. Both men and women usually wear long flowing ornate robes, brightly colored shin length tunics, or white togas if they are a full citizen. Slaves are forced to wear tunics or togas that only fall about midthigh so their social class can easily be identified. Sandals are the most common type of footwear, although even in the cities, one will see citizens walking about barefoot. The weather is usually temperate, so this style of clothing is typical year round.

Type of Government: Democratic. It is split into thirteen city states, each of which have an elected leader. The leader from each city state takes a turn as the Hegemon of all of Antibes for one lunar cycle. During that lunar cycle the leader will relocate to the capital of Antibes which is located on neutral ground in the center of Antibes in a city called Delian. This arrangement has done much to decrease infighting amongst the city states. The city states are as follows: Hadrian, Antipolis, Hermopolis, Siros, Neapolis, Lithopolis, Kamnik, Persepolis, Sevastopol, Seuthopolis, Simferopol, Sozopol, and Moldova.

Type of Culture: Antibes serves as a center for the arts, literature, theatre, learning and philosophy. Math, astronomy, magic based medicine are also highly developed in this shadow. and Magic is not only common, but necessary to be considered a full citizen. Those Antibians that are born without magical skill become slaves. Slaves have no power or status. They have the right to have a family and own property, subject to their master's goodwill and permission, but they have no political rights. They do tend to be treated well; however, and those slaves that give birth to children with the ability to work magic, are allowed to give up rights to their child and have their child raised as a fully recognized member of society by one of their magic wielding family members. Visitors without magic are welcome in Antibes since they count on tourism as a major source of commerce. Many Antibian slaves choose to be sold to off shadow owners, hoping that they will someday be able to earn their freedom in a shadow that is not so prejudice against non-magical folk. It is a polytheistic society, but typically the leaders of the city states are expected to worship the Unicorn in order to curry favor with Amber.

Typical Weaponry: Antibes squabbles more amongst itself than with other shadows, and tends to lack interest in the general Golden Circle pecking order. When they do fight, their most powerful tool is the skill of their mages. Otherwise their weapons tend to be lower tech in nature such as swords, catapults, javelins, bows and arrows and the like. They are quick to accept a surrender from an enemy and will tend not to ask anything in return other than that both sides go back to business as usual.

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