Welcome to Amber Enchanted

Amber Enchanted is intended to be a play by post forum for an ADRPG set not too long after Merlin becomes King of Chaos. Rinaldo remains the King of Kashfa and Random is the last recognized King of Amber.

At game start, Coral still possesses the Jewel of Judgment in her left eye socket and is due to deliver Merlin’s child in a few months…hopefully.

Strange happenings occurred in Amber recently. Those of the Second Generation that have been found outside of Amber proper (including Coral) have fallen into a coma and are entwined in a network of indestructable thorns. These same seemingly impenetrable ensorceled brambles have mysteriously appeared overnight covering the entirety of Castle Amber and the City of Amber below.

Ghostwheel has alerted Merlin to odd incidents in various distant shadows where the Pattern almost seems to be getting strangled into submission by some greater power. To make matters worse, Merlin senses that Ghostwheel isn’t operating on all four cylinders, but the construct refuses to allow Merlin to do a diagnostic exam.

The Golden Circle is rife with invasions, threats of destruction, coups, and so forth as they war amongst themselves and others - vying for supremacy in the multiverse now that Amber no longer seems to be a force to be reckoned with.

Neither Luke nor Merlin’s positions of leadership are secure, and they find themselves struggling to maintain control of their own kingdoms from nefarious forces within while at the same time attempting to determine the best course of action regarding the strange enchantment of Amber and the children of Oberon. Given the instability of their own realms, they have had little time to investigate the problems that have beset Amber of late.

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